Wisdom of the Divine Mother

I channel the guidance and wisdom of the Divine Mother in Her many aspects, as well as Angelic, Christic, and multidimensional Light Beings. I was trained as a Mary and work with the etheric Templar Knights. It is my Divine purpose to assist the planet and humanity on the journey to achieve enlightenment and ascension.

I have channeled worldwide at conferences, events, as well as, facilitate seminars and webinars to assist in raising your resonance, awaken soul memory, achieve your Light Body, manifesting, and more. Please see the calendar under the “guidance” tab on the home page for personal guidance sessions and/or group sessions. For a host, information visits our events link. Webinar dates to be posted soon.

I began channeling and hands-on healing at the age of three; delivering profound messages greater than my years. People who have passed, as well as, Angels would come to me to deliver messages to loved ones. Often, I would see things before they happened.  I have been blessed with numerous phenomenal spiritual experiences throughout my life.  Many of these were pinnacle moments that shaped my life and awakened the memory of my agreement with the divine source.

History of Gayle Mack

In August of 1988, I went to Egypt with a spiritual group for 8:8 to anchor in the Feminine. It was a spectacular experience that set my course for the present day. During the ceremony, Isis came through me at the Temple of Isis in Philae. In the process of anchoring in the Feminine, I activated and became my light body. I experienced split focus, as Isis spoke through my voice to two and three people at a time. Each individual before me received their own message unaware of the others. This went on for more than two hours and was witnessed by approximately 200 people. Upon completion of the ceremony, I became aware that I was levitating a couple of inches off the ground and for three days, thereafter, I did not leave footprints in the sand.

In 1996, I embarked on a trip to France and Spain, to experience the Black Madonna’s, Rennes le Chateau, and the Holy Grail with a tour group. While sitting in a private chapel in the Montserrat monastery, the etheric Templar Knights appeared before seven of us and asked our permission to work through us. Each of us was trained as Mary’s and had pledged ourselves to heal, protect, and serve for the Greatest Good.

In December 2012, I was guided to travel to Mount Shasta, CA to be a bridge for the influx of energies showering the Earth. On December 11th, in preparation for the multidimensional shift of our planet on 12-12-12, I received an upload of a new Light Language through a beam of light while performing a ceremony on Mount Shasta. I was informed by a Light Being that this Light language will help humanity move more gracefully through the transitions of multi-dimensionality and higher resonance. I was also informed that my path is to share this language with the souls who have chosen to be present, at this time, to assist them in raising their frequency and consciousness.

I have been a speaker and/or a facilitator in such events as:

  • Temple of Sakkara Annual Conference (Allegan, Michigan since 1996)
  • Homecoming Conference (Mount Shasta, CA 1995)
  • Ascension Week (Mount Shasta, CA 1995)
  • several Mount Shasta Retreats
  • Archangel Michael’s Conclave (Banff, Canada, March 1994)
  • Parliament of the World’s Religion (Chicago, IL 1993)
  • Time Shift Festival (Atlanta, GA, July 26, 1992)
  • 11:11 (1:11) (Red Top Mountain, GA)
  • Anchoring the Feminine (8:8) (Egypt, 1988)
  • Star gate Openings and Transformational Energy Shifts in England, France, Germany, Canada, Bimini, and coast to coast throughout the United States.

Throughout my life, the Divine has repeatedly given me lessens and experiences to assist in my spiritual growth. While at Stonehenge in April 2012, it became undeniably clear that it was time for me to stand in my truth and fulfill my promise to share the sacred wisdom that I have been receiving all my life. Thus, Keys to Ascension was divinely birthed through.

Creativity, Integrity & Innovation

Our Celebration

In 1993, I was chosen to be the Fellowship of Isis coordinator for the Parliament of the World Religion 100 year celebration in Chicago.  During this, I am proud to say that I had gotten to meet the Dali Lama.  While in Chicago, I was honored and gifted with a ceremonial dance with each of the Native American Chiefs of all the Nations during a historic Pow Wow.

Column of light

In 1994, I participated in the Archangel Michael’s Conclave in Banff, Canada.  During the Melchizedek Ordination on the final day of the conference, I activated my light body and became a column of light.  As I regained awareness of my physical body, I became conscious of the multitude of people before me to be ordained. Activating your light body is attainable

Templar Knight

In 1996, I embarked on a trip to France and Spain, to experience the Black Madonna’sRennes le Chateau and the Holy Grail with a tour group. While sitting in a private chapel in the Montserrat monastery, the etheric Templar Knights appeared before seven of us and asked our permission to work through us. Each of us were trained as Mary’s and had pledged ourselves to heal

Gain Success

In 1999, I received my bio-energetic practitioner’s certification with BioMeridian. In 2000, I opened an alternative health clinic called Body & Nature. I received my Doctorate in Natural Medicine from the Southern College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2003 and a Doctorate in BioEnergetics from the Academy of BioEnergetics in 2004.

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