An Attunement is a transfer of energy from one person of higher resonance to another seeking to resonate at a higher frequency. It’s literal translation means “to bring into harmony.” An Attunement triggers the souls’ memory. It is an empowerment tool used for spiritual development to harmonize the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through the heart and Divine Source.

Attunement IconWe are multidimensional beings having a human experience. We simply have not been consciously aware or allowing ourselves to access the higher realms. We have been programmed to exist and experience from a third dimensional mentality and reality. Attunements raise your conscious awareness to higher vibrational realms and dimensions.

Gayle imprints Divine Source energy into the energy field of the receiver during an Attunement session. The receiver then integrates the higher vibrational energy at their own pace.

Gayle incorporates channeling, intuitive guidance, energy work, and imagery during her sessions.

Gayle connects energetically to your energy field through thought, photograph and/or phone. Once attuned to your auric field, Divine Source, Spirit Guides and Angels assist Gayle in the Attunement process.

The energy transfer is conveyed through various modalities, which can include symbols, frequency Orbs, Chi balls, tones, mantras, visualization, initiation, intuitive recall and resonance.

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One-on-One Personal Attunement:

Your personal Attunement allows you to access Gayle one-on-one. The benefit of this session enables you to personally interact and respond to insights from Divine guidance during your Attunement.

At your scheduled time, be in a quiet place free from distractions and seated in a comfortable position. On occasion, people have fallen over while standing, when their energetic pattern shifted. During your session time, relax and allow yourself to be open to receive.

Gayle will “tune in” to your energy and the Attunement will begin.

The findings and impressions of your Attunement will be recorded and the audio mp3 recording will be emailed to you via Hightail. At times, imagery and symbols will be given from Divine Source. These images will be sketched, should they come forth.

These symbols and imagery from Divine Source are personal spiritual triggers that can be used as tools to assist you in your enlightenment process. In many cases, these gifts are part of the Light Language that Gayle received during ceremony on Mount Shasta on December 11th, 2012.


One-on-One Channeled Attunement Session:

$233 Mp3 recorded session and imagery sent via email

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Please Note:

All times on the Appointty calendar are shown in EST (Eastern Standard Time) which is US/Americas East coast time. Please convert for your time zone as needed to select your session time.

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After your session is scheduled, please send an email with your basic information to Please include:

  • Date and time of appointment
  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number to receive call
  • The email address that you wish the mp3 recording and possible imagery to be sent.
  • A recent photo is beneficial, but not necessary.

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All sessions are digitally recorded in an mp3 format for your convenience. These recordings are emailed to you via Hightail, typically, within 48 hours of your session time. Hightail allows Gayle to send the mp3 recordings by means of email. Please check your spam folder if you do not see your session recording within the allotted time or contact Gayle at

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What Else Should I Know About Attunements?

Often with Attunements, symbols and visual imagery appear to Gayle. Symbols hold the Divine ALL That Is energy and awaken the conscious mind, as well as, the unconscious and subconscious mind. Symbols are also triggers that awaken the receiver to higher levels of consciousness and awareness, as the receiver is ready. They are forms of communication to express an idea or belief without the use of words. Many of these symbols are part of the Light Language that Gayle received during ceremony on Mount Shasta on December 11th, 2012.

Gayle is directed by Divine Source as to where to place the symbols and imagery within the body. Gayle describes the process as she works and sketches the symbols for you to use as spiritual tools.

At times, an Attunement is accompanied with an initiation. This may come as a Degree that is decreed upon the receiver from past lives and/or present day mystery schools, disciplines or Holy Orders. This is an acknowledgement of a level of conscious vibration and multidimensional awareness being integrated by the receiver.

Attunements also help bring forth the wisdom of past life spiritual achievements into the present conscious awareness.

With Attunements come Atonements. Some may experience a period of adjustment after the Attunement. At times, the receiver encounters a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing, either during the transfer or during the integration period.

A period of integration will vary with each person. This period may last an hour, a few days or even a couple of weeks. When the receiver raises their vibration to a higher resonance, unhealed emotions and issues of a lower vibration will surface in order to be forgiven, healed, loved and transmuted.

The experiences that arise, show you were you are in processing the energy and holding the higher frequency of the given Attunement.


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