The Clean Sweep



For many who approach this Cleansing Treatment Series, this ‘Process’, as Saint Germain calls it, there are a few questions that you should ask for your ‘Self’ first:

Why is it that I would wish to implement these Clean Sweep Transformational Technologies?

Answer: The Clean Sweep it ‘Self’ is not the answer to all of life’s problems, but it does help to heal one ‘Self’ from the myriad of ‘Self’ imposed or dark imposed conditions that we have either been subjected to, or have subjected our ‘Selves’ to in this and all other Life Times we have ever existed. And unfortunately, without a cleansing like this, we still seem to apply the same old ancient dark conditioning toward every move we make in this modern world. We either do it knowingly, in-denial there of, or covertly, out of an adulterated habit of just a plain old fashion addiction to our own dark mastery. This of course is due to the fact that these dark conditions were locked in place by contracts, agreements, promises, and pledges usually made under some form of duress and always falsely presented: Thus, they can (and only if you truly wish) be removed. This does not remove your choice. You may visit or remain just as darkly involved as you wish. That is always up to you. What this removes is everything that keeps us stuck there, without any real sense of choice.

What does this Clean Sweep Processing do for me?

Answer: It removes: Those qualities that have been laid upon, placed within, or even accepted/ ‘Self’-engendered: Under dark influence Without our ‘Understanding’. It further takes us into another possibility: A place where we can have a clearer opportunity to make ‘perhaps more appropriate decisions’ without the ‘dark contracts of judgmental conditioning’ and all its addictive components that sway all our opinions and choices. Then and only then, can one truly begin to develop a growing ability to ‘Discern’, to make decisions based within the observed experience of a ‘non-judgmental mind’. (First, you must remove the ‘dark contract of judgment’)

And, what am I going to experience when I implement it?

Answer: Well, at first, most people may feel quite secure and high, almost euphoric. And then, adaptation will accommodate you to the changes in your own increased vibrational patterns. You will start the processes of removal, and in some cases, realization. Some of these experiences are not necessarily painless. But they are essential for your Growth to continue at the increased vibrational rate that this world is about to start ‘moving into’. Those that have already implemented the Clean Sweep have been experiencing an accelerated ride into their future, unencumbered by that which has attempted to stop this wonderful world from even existing. You can expect the same thing, only a little faster than those of us who initially started this process back in the early 1990’s.

These are perhaps the most common questions asked when people undertake this Cleansing and Processing Event. The Purpose, Destiny, Intention and Action of the Clean Sweep Transformation, as stated in the previous book, are the very basis for all this Angelic Research. They remain the same Purpose and Destiny the Angels had us consider long before any of this exploration ever began. The Intention and eventual action of the Clean Sweep Treatments, if you will, a regimen of solutions, was at first, very complicated to discover and comprehend. As ‘Understanding’ began to clear, we began to see how simple this cleansing actually was. Eventually, my job became easier and easier. I consider it similar to that of a simple kid’s game I played as a child: ‘Pick up sticks’. Actually, it took more than twenty two years of in-depth study to formulate, you know, just how to pick up all those tricky and carefully hidden dark twigs.

Remember, Forgiveness, Allowing and Love were the most important aspects of the entire game. Yet, they were the very last things that required major work at the end of this research. After all, I’m still an old warrior-class being and rightfully acclaimed as the “Stupidest Human Being” to ever exist: Therefore, I went at the dark side like any angry defending/attacking warrior would. Forgiveness, Allowing and Love are not what I would ever think of giving that which tries to destroy this Earth and all of us too. According to Saint Germain: This played right into the hands of the dark side in bringing forth even more separation: But it also called forth many who were of the same genre. From what I have found in the experience of this ‘Forgiveness’ is that both sides, Light & dark, can exist and probably always will: Even though I’d rather be in the Free Will ‘space of choice’ when it comes to my own life. Wouldn’t you? The Clean Sweep actually removes from you all the contracts, agreements, promises and pledges we all made across all time that literally harness us to dark addictive thoughts and habitual actions. So, what you are about to receive only takes you a short time to implement, and yet, it may still take you the rest of your Life (or more, if you ‘Stretch’ it out) to remove all the accumulated baggage, (SS) (stored stuff) is somewhere within you.

You see, the human mind/imagination in all its modern sophistication, can’t even begin to comprehend or ‘Understand’ anything that’s Infinite. The Infinity Within Us is there to ‘simply’ be observed and experienced. The dark influences (we are so used to experiencing in some self-imposed leadership role) have left us completely lost in a clouded, shadow like, mass chaos of constant in-depth mental investigation: And we wonder why we’re so spiritually confused. And yet, those same shadowy controlling influences have also left us literally trapped by our own fear-based not so free will, in this very dark place called separation. Implementing the Clean Sweep can eventually remove us from the ego-game of separation. (That is, if you so choose to be removed from it.) Eventually, it can remove us from the fear-based reality that has us so totally bound up in ‘Self’-repression. It can also remove us from the intolerance we have toward one another. ‘You will see’ through recognizing that every mirror we view in agitation actually mirrors something we have to ‘forgive in our selves’. Most all of this (SS) is left over from some long forgotten past dark journey.

We are released from it by simply ‘Forgiving our own judgments’ we have against our ‘Selves’ that we are now seeing mirrored back to us in others. Further, this is accomplished only by that removal of that very first Adam and Eve ‘dark contract of judgment’. Then, by our very personal acceptance of the Clean Sweep along with the further help of the Angels of the I Am That I Am, you begin to remove all the other dark agreements, promises and pledges as well. Further, this continual removal frees us from the feeling of constant indebtedness we continually share with each other. That illusion of debt has prevented our hearts from ever finding and realizing any Common Source of Unity. You see the Intention of the Clean Sweep set up for us, the ability to free our ‘Selves’ from this dark game of separation entirely if you wish. This literally requires that we forgive, release and remove all ‘Self’-imposed laws of lack and limitation set up within our Mastery of all aspects of this dark game.

We, as a Collective Humanity, have felt that we have been cast out upon the waters of a stormy sea with no way to set a course home and no sense of direction for the journey back. We have all felt lost and totally alone: Separation. We are even more lost and alone when the boring waters are calm with no challenging experience to focus upon. And now we seem to be ‘on the brink’ of total ‘Self’-destruction and world wide ecological suicide. We have little time and seemingly, an all-out lack of unity or connection to each other. We are, at the effect of the tides and swells of the ups and downs of the continual turmoil in the world we share, completely in reaction to it. The dark forces have victimized us into these fear-based situations by taking advantage of our naive confusion. This has left us adrift you might say in some very treacherous waters. Those that remain lashed to that darkness are literally bent on destroying them ‘Selves’ and our very home, this Earth. Further, those under dark influences cannot see from where they generate their own egotistical controlling wishes for the rest of us.

The complete denial of reincarnation as in most western religion-based thought, manifests how frustrated and confused this world can become. A promised heavenly future while living in-separation has us thinking: What’s the use in trying to ‘take care of’ or ‘save this place’ any way? Isn’t there a lot better place waiting for me when I die? So, what’s the use in even trying in this ‘here and now’? If I AM so lost and the end is so near, why don’t I just take it out on some of these other infidels and heathens that are with me, just as lost as I seem to be?’ . . . Why just me, Lord? . . . Why not them too!’

Actually, we should all be asking, ‘What is there ‘Within’ us, to see, in the first place? And just how do we get there from here – to that place of True Peace Within?’ We seem to have totally forgotten that we are actually here, in this world, and in this ‘Moment of Now’, to ‘Remember’ the Divinity ‘Within’ Us. (And don’t forget the phrase: On Earth as it is in Heaven?)

I would like to quote an Astrologer, Rob Brezsny, who put this in a recent periodical publication I just read: ‘In the Centuries after Christ died, several varieties of Christianity competed for ascendancy. One ultimately triumphed, and its followers got to decide which of His Teachings would be included in the orthodox canon, and which wouldn’t. “If you bring forth what is within you,” said Jesus, in one of the gems the church fathers excluded as heretical, “what you bring forth, will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth, will destroy you.” This exhortation, a blend of sweet potion and kick-ass medicine, is your perfect food for thought . . . I’ll add this corollary as a chaser: To bring forth what’s within you, you’ll have to be a bit heretical.’

The Relationships Between Angels, Elementals, and Humankindby Iasos

Iasos (pronounced ya’-sos), is one of the pioneers of what is now called “New Age Music.”

In 1967 he began spontaneously “hearing” a new type of music in his mind, which he then referred to as “paradise music,” and decided to dedicate his life to manifesting this “heavenly music” he was experiencing internally, since he was convinced it would have an uplifting, healing, spiritually-invigorating and harmonizing effect on many potential listeners.

In 1982 Iasos, spearheaded what has now come to be called “New Age videos” with his release of one of the very first new age videos – “Crystal Vista” – created as visualizations to his own music.

In 1989 the Psychology Department of Plymouth State College in New Hampshire informed Iasos that they had been doing the main research on people that have had a “near death experience”. In correlating their experiences, it turned out that Iasos’ music received the highest rating, by quite a margin, as being most like the heavenly music they heard while officially “dead” or out of their body!

In February of 1990 Iasos was honored with the “CRYSTAL AWARD” for “artist” at the SECOND INTERNATIONAL NEW AGE MUSIC CONFERENCE, held in Hollywood. This “CRYSTAL AWARD” is given in recognition of outstanding achievements over many years within the field of “new age music”.

Since 1968 Iasos has remained focused and dedicated to his original intention – composing and recording his music, giving seminars, and doing multi-media concerts around the world. His music has been used by NASA, Lazaris, ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, LASERIUM, and HEWLETT PACKARD, as well as by numerous hospitals, health clinics, therapists, mental health clinics, and surgeons throughout the world. Music by Iasos is currently being distributed in North America, Europe, Brazil, Australia, and Japan. Iasos’ international multi-media concerts have taken him from Cairo to Honolulu, and from Los Angeles to Toronto.

When the sun-god and sun-goddess of our solar system, Helios & Vesta, were creating this system (their family), they designed it as a platform for evolution for three distinct kingdoms: the Human Kingdom, the Angelic Kingdom, and the Elemental Kingdom. These three kingdoms were designed to have complementary inter-locking roles or functions, within a synergistic whole. None of them are any “higher” or “more evolved” than any other, since in each kingdom there is unlimited room for further expansions into Light and Consciousness.

The Human Kingdom

The beings in the Human Kingdom were created as [ancient Egyptian Iasos] step-down transformers for Divine thought-forms, to remanifest the heavens of the higher spiritual planes onto the denser planes of form and matter. Humans are all embryonic sun-gods and sun-goddesses in training, and the earth is our incubator. Humans work with thought and feeling: We receive an idea from the higher planes, and then work with it and refine and develop that idea, on the level of thought. Then we energize these thought-forms with our feelings. Humans work towards mastering many fields of life, rather than specializing in just one capacity, becoming then “generalists” rather than specialists. Free Will is much more emphasized in the human kingdom than either of the other two kingdoms.

The Elemental Kingdom

The beings in the Elemental Kingdom work primarily on the mental plane and are known as “builders of form.” Their specialty is to translate thought-forms into physical forms, by transforming mental patterns into etheric patterns and then into physical patterns.

All the beings in the Nature Kingdom are a part of the Elemental Kingdom. Everyone of them is a specialist in creating some specific form – whether it be an electron, a biological cell, a flower, a tomato, a tree, the body of an inhabiting human, a valley, a river, a planet, a solar system, or inter-stellar space. You see they come in all sizes – from smaller than an electron, to vaster than galactic space. Like the angels, elemental beings begin their evolution small in size, and increase their size as they evolve. Humans on the other hand, maintain the same size as they evolve, although their energy fields get larger.

The elementals serving on planet earth have all sworn to out-picture humanity’s thoughts and feelings. They are under obligation to “materialize” whatever they pick up from the thoughts and feelings of mankind. This relationship was intended to facilitate the remanifestation of “Heaven on Earth”, but as humanity’s thoughts and feelings fell into neural imperfection, these elemental beings were obligated, against their preference, to out-picture this mass imperfection – resulting in all the nature extremes of tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the polluted oceans and atmosphere.

In fact there are elemental beings working around the clock in our atmospheres, doing their best to purify the atmosphere from all the accumulating distorted energies from the mass thoughts and feelings of mankind. If they were to go on strike, the earth would become biologically uninhabitable within 48 hours! Fortunately, the humans are now beginning to re-harmonize their radiations in a continuously increasing way.

For each human soul that chose to take the evolutionary route of physical incarnations, there was one elemental being that “volunteered” to make that journey with them – to create and maintain a physical body for them – for as many lifetimes as it took – until they made their “ascension” and graduated from the physical-dimension school room! What commitment! What dedication and loyalty! You have the same “body elemental” for each of your lifetimes, and he or she gets to “vacation” in between your incarnations.

Those humans that have established a good rapport with their body elemental, whether conscious or unconscious are those that are blessed with effortless good health. If you get to know your body elemental, and send him or her GRATITUDE, LOVE, and APPRECIATION – for centuries of dedicated service to you, you may be surprised how suddenly the state of your body “perks up” to a higher level of life-force and effortless good health.

The elemental beings are divided into The 4 Elements – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. We know the earth beings as elves, gnomes, and menehune. The beings of air are known as fairies and sylphs. Those of water are called undines or mermaids. And the least known, the beings of fire, are known as salamanders (not related to the lizard, which is also called a salamander). You can befriend these beings even if you can not see them, and then they will be over-joyed to co-create with you, and even play with you, as is so magnificently exampled in Findhorn and Perelandra. If you want to get more in touch with the fairies in your backyard or area, take flower essences on a daily basis. This puts their frequencies into your energy-system, so that by having the same frequencies in common, it becomes much easier to sense them, see them, and communicate with them.

The Angelic Kingdom

The beings of the Angelic Kingdom have the function of administering to the spiritual needs and the emotional needs of both the Human Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom. They “take care” of us. Angels work primarily on the emotional plane. Just as an electric heater radiates heat waves, angels radiate unique beneficial energies, with many different wonderful effects. Each type of angel is a specialist in radiating one particular “quality” or “virtue”, which typically has its own unique color, sound, fragrance, and flame.

The angels that work with Archangel Michael specialize in Faith and Protection. The angels that work with Archangel Zadkiel focus on The Violet Flame of Transmutation. The angels that work with Archangel Raphael specialize in Healing and Consecration. Those with Chamuel focus on Divine Love and The Adoration Flame. The angels under Jophiel specialize in Illumination and Enlightened Understanding. And of course there are innumerable other qualities that angels specialize in – Divine Will, Happiness, Hope, Purity, Opulence, Stillness, Comfort, Ceremony, Divine Power, Peace, Science, Beauty, Ministration, Music . . . The list just keeps going!

Angels are like rechargeable batteries. Just by hanging out within the aura of their “leader”, their auras “soak up” and absorb that quality for which their leader has become an expert. This master angel is like a fountain, producing a continuous stream of this particular quality, and consequently his or her force field is a powerful reservoir of this quality. For example, the angels working with Archangel Uriel absorb by proximity his special quality of Peace, and then, like a rechargeable battery, when they become totally “full” with this quality, they get sent out somewhere to administer and radiate out this quality. They radiate their quality primarily through their feelings. Once they reach “empty”, they return to their leader and once again “fill up” with that quality, to once again be sent out.

As angels evolve, they become continuously improving experts at holding more and more of this specialized quality, and holding it for a longer time, and holding it without contamination from adverse external conditions (usually generated by humans). As they continue to specialize in this quality, with time they too become a fountain-head of this quality, to which many lesser angels come to drink in and absorb this essence.

Their role is to radiate the aura of God to humans and elementals, to help them and comfort them on their path, and to remind them of their celestial source and heritage. In doing their service to life of radiating energies, angels are typically experts at creating multi-angel force-fields, using sacred geometry and symmetric patterns to create force fields much more powerful and effective than if they worked independently. Like a good football team, they know just the “play” to implement, to optimally nourish and nurture each situation.

Angels also function as an inter-dimensional UPS service, carrying energies both up and down between dimensions. In the “up” direction, they gather all the hopes, aspirations, wishes and prayers of humanity and then deliver them up to the appropriate beings on the higher subtler planes. In the “down” direction, when these celestial Light Beings choose to send particular beneficial energies to particular places on the planet, it is the angels that deliver these celestial energies to their earthly destinations.

There are of course, also personal angels, or guardian angels,*focusing on the spiritual and emotional well-being of one particular human. Every human has at least one of them. Many light workers have a number of them. If you want your personal angels to work even more closely with you, you can first of all, acknowledge them and thank them from your Heart, for their undying (and usually unappreciated) service to you. Then you can do your best to make your personal aura as sweet, harmonious, and loving as you can.

Remember – the sweeter your energies, the closer your angels will want to “hang-out” in your aura. Angels just LOVE environments that are harmonious, sweet, and peaceful. It gives them a momentary sanctuary amidst the imperfections on earth that are continuously being generated by humanity-at-large. Angels can grow weary from this, and so they just flock to a sweet-pure-energy-zone. Just like a humming-bird feeder attracts humming-birds, a beautiful backyard, with flowers, streams, LOVE, and sweet peaceful energies, will attract angels from all around, as they come to bask in your angelic oasis on the physical dimension.

By the way, if you want your personal angels to work extra hard for you, you can bribe them! How? With their form of currency, of course! No, it’s not dollars, it’s not credit cards, but it is something that is as valuable to them as hundred dollar bills is to us – LOVE! Love is their form of currency. They value it, they cherish is, they even evolve through receiving more of it! So whereas your personal angels may have already done an exquisite job of serving you, without receiving one drop of Love or Gratitude from you, if you turn up the throttle and flood them with your love and appreciation, then just hang on for the heavenly acceleration you are about to receive! Elementals can perceive angels and so always send them love and gratitude. But angels are not used to receiving very much appreciation from humans – so far!

There is the universal law that Beings in one dimension can not assist beings on another dimension unless the request or invitation comes from the dimension wishing to receive the assistance. To a great extent this leaves many angels with their “hands tied”, with respect to helping humans. They live but to serve. They love to serve. They evolve by serving. It makes them happy to serve. But you have to invoke them. That means, you have to invite and request their assistance. The instant you do, you’ve created an inter-dimensional doorway through which they can pour in and literally flood you with their endless divine qualities.

As a matter of fact, from their point of view, humans are not really that good at receiving. Even the humans that consciously request and absorb these healing qualities from the angels are really only letting in just a tiny fraction of the benefits they really could absorb: Like letting in a tiny brook, when you could really let in a Niagara Falls of “manna from heaven”. So remember – the angels are always encouraging you: EXPAND how much you can receive and absorb beneficial radiations from us! Just know that they will always be there – eager and enthusiastic to give you as much as you can handle!

Why not test them right now, while you read this? Think of some divine quality that you really require or would like more of. Then silently in the depths of your Heart, request and invite the appropriate angels to administer this quality to you. You can even make your request more specific: Ask for a “heart-beam” – with one angel in front of you facing you, and another angel behind you, also facing you. Sense them create a pillar of Light connecting their Hearts, with this Light Beam passing directly through your Heart! Feel this for just a few moments . . . Then you have a sense of the magical assistance that is always lovingly available to you – just a thought away.

When angels “appear” to humans, so as not to scare them, they usually appear in the form that those humans “expect” angels to look like. But this may be nothing at all like the form they normally take (if any!) Remember – the higher you go in dimensions, the more “optional” form becomes.

And of course, angels are famous for their angelic choirs. It is not uncommon to have 50,000 angels singing in exquisite unison. Why do angels have such beautiful voices . . . Simply because they have beautiful feelings? When you pick up the phone, you can immediately tell how the other person is feeling from their tone of voice. The tone of the voice always has encoded within it the emotional state of that person in that instant. This is true of humans, elementals, and of course angels. If you wish to have a more beautiful voice, rather than taking voice lessons – get to the source, the cause – just focus on cultivating more beautiful feelings! When angels greet each other, it is a triumphant and ecstatic symphony of gorgeous colors, music, fragrances, and feelings.

Angels want to serve you! They also want to play with you! They even want to worship with you! All three kingdoms are streams of Life emanating from the same one Universal Source, and in this respect we truly all are brothers and sisters. Saint Germain wishes very much to re-establish this conscious cooperation between these three kingdoms, as in previous golden ages. So in the next few years, we can look forward to sacred ceremonies, blending the energies of the humans, the elementals, and the angels – all worshipping in loving unison The One Eternal Source of All Life.

Love, Iasos

We all desire to Experience some form of a Spiritual Reality as well as this Earth Bound Beauty we share. Whenever we’ve looked up to the heavens above and attempted to find our Source from religious belief and hope, we were led further into secular ethnic thought only. And unfortunately, that just seems to further separate us. If we really get into it, we become even more ‘intolerant with judgmental indifference’ toward each other. We already have this ethnic intolerance generated and prescribed from the very same dark influences that want us to destroy our ‘Selves’, each other, and our World. And we’ve all been led to believe that this interpreted religious thought is ‘The Light and the Word’. We are further led to believe that some day, when we are gone from here, that we will ‘Be at Peace’ and ‘In some-other Heavenly Place’. Religions have us believing that Life really begins only when we eventually get to die, and go somewhere else, you know, over ‘there’. (Pointing to the other side, somewhere) That means, peace comes only in the very act of our own death. We are actually taught to suffer the effects of this world until we finally die to get to that other place. (Remember the phrase: Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men) . . . Hmm!?! . . . Sounds a little one sided and sexist in this context doesn’t it? . . .

This is the reality in religious belief. For the world’s religions seem to have forgotten that this Earthly place was once originally, the Garden of Eden. (A good example of this is all those Muslim Martyrs blowing themselves up to go off with all those 13 virgins they’re promised. Or, all those Christians that still believe that ‘Life on Earth’ is only a ‘One Trip Pony’. They eventually say, “Well, She’s in a better place now!?!”) Did you ever stop to think that it wasn’t God that messed up ‘this place’? . . . We did that, with some very dark help! . . . The Clean Sweep Technologies simply helps to process out: All those dark, ‘Self’-imposed, contracted influences, habit patterns, addictions and judgments we hold against our ‘Selves’. Those are the ones that are reflected, right here in this world, right in our faces. With enough time to process, we may come to see more clearly our Individual Direction, to actually become ‘Response-able’ for the rest of this life. We may eventually desire to Experience our True Self, the ‘Divine Source Within’ in this ‘Here’, and this ‘Now’, and I mean, ‘Right Now’, not sometime later, when we’re all dead and looking for the after life.

My Master/Teacher once said when you jump into a shallow sea to scuba-dive, the weight of your gear takes you down really fast. Sometimes, when your feet hit the murky bottom, you may kick up lots and lots of very fine silt. This act really clouds up the waters around you. And for a short time, you may not be able see, or even know where you are at all. You might feel completely lost and get very confused. You might even panic a bit. He said to just breathe, and wait patiently. The waters will eventually clear. And then, when you do see where you are, swim toward the light, where you may better enjoy the beauty. The purpose and intention of the Clean Sweep is meant to eventually clear those waters of dark, murky confusion, even though in the very beginning, you may stir up more than you’ve ever seen before.

At this time, I wish to extend to you, an invitation, to join those of us who have already had the Clean Sweep, by requesting, receiving and ‘Allowing’ this ‘Gift’ of Cleansing. The application consists of a simple directed visualization that takes about 30 minutes or so to read through to completion. Also, it’s most appropriate to take the time to just sit and relax for about another half hour or so, right after it’s completed. You have been authorized to request this All Encompassing Cleansing Treatment Series. And, it’s offered to all of you who wish this implemented in your Life now. The Angels of the I Am That I Am have always been with us, and are ready now to begin your cleansing by performing the following:

First, I feel it’s appropriate for you to read this series of books from cover to cover to ‘Understand’ the importance of bringing our ‘Selves’ into this decision. As I have been experiencing, and the Angels have taught all along, ‘Understanding’ is about 90% of healing. I’ve done the ground work on this ‘Understanding’, and the previous stories may really help to prepared you for this next major event. Apply what I went through to what you have gone through to get to this stage of the game. The more than 20,000 pages of Prayers are all customized to your individual requirements and ready to begin at the completion of your request. I might add here that the Clean Sweep Processing Prayer Procedures are sealed under the watchful eyes of the Creator and administered by the Angels of the I Am That I Am only. The Clean Sweep is protected, virtually impenetrable by any dark forces of any magnitude. The process requests are complete, all encompassing and to the best of my ability as advised by the Angels of the I Am That I Am. They are ready for your requested administration.

Secondly, you must realize that no one else can do this for you. I have been involved by bringing this Clean Sweep Processing into existence only. According to the Angels of the I Am That I Am, this work has to be done and you are requesting to embark on an incredible ‘Self’ Realizing Experience, actually for the rest of your Life and a whole lot more. Essentially, you were already in that experience: I just realized that my ‘Self’ in writing these very words. (Realization is pretty neat, isn’t it?) It is within our own individual response-able acts that bring about a collective change on our Planet. We must all step forward: Take responsibility for our part in this world, cast out our irresponsibility and become more appropriately ‘able to respond’.

This is your chance to take the first step in cleaning up the mess our Earthly Home, God/Goddess’s Eden Garden is in right now. Cleanse your ‘Self’. You have Total Right of Consciousness to do all that you wish. You are the deliverer of your own Destiny. And you hold the Key within your ‘Self’. Do you realize that the world may change completely just by your act of changing your ‘Self’. As Jesus instructed, we are all to become Healed Physicians. You really have nothing to lose, except the dark contracted fear-based influences that have brought you through a great deal of trauma, detriment, injustice, blame, shame, pain and punishment. Don’t you think, we, as a Collective Humanity, have suffered enough for these eons of time. Lets initiate this ‘End Times’ for the dark side by ending their influence of judgment and power-over-us, along with just about everything else they have ever touched.

Thirdly, the Clean Sweep is ‘Self’ cleansing, regulating and continuous as long as you ‘Allow’ it to carry on that way. It will take you forward into the processing of every condition at your own speed. Please do not ask for it all at once!!! That has happened to several people who were a bit too aggressive in their desire to come to some form of completion, and I mean right now. I really don’t recommend that you ever do that. It’s just too much at once. The Clean Sweep helps to accelerate your Infinite Growth in a time when this growth is absolutely necessary, and ‘specifically granted’. Because of the circumstances this Planet is in right now, your lessons are usually learned quickly and completely in every level and area of your being. Those issues that we have had great difficulty in completing from the past, will automatically repeat them ‘Selves’ until they are learned. Recognize here, that the Angels of the I Am That I Am use every possible learning procedure available, to get the totally resolved completion of your (SS): Stored Life Time issues and conditions. Eventually, this can be accomplished with your Spiritual Freedom completely restored. The Angels will take advantage of every opportunity to implement the forgiving and loving release of held-in dark influences, conditioning and emotions.

It may take many years to bring your ‘Self’ into a clearer state of conscientious existence. The continuous efforting of the Clean Sweep resolves most past hidden and denied issues ‘for once and for all’. When your individual processes resolve, all issues, accoutrements, conditioning, habit patterns, neuro-pathways and influences are completely forgiven and released. You must also ‘Understand’, that you are about to embark on the roller coaster ride of your Life. ‘Understanding’ is thrilling to experience even in its most subtle condition. It sets the heart pounding with excitement. It is mental emotional satisfaction at its very highest quality. It is, after all, Your Life that you will be discovering the Truth within. In the beginning, you might get a little motion sickness before you actually begin to know where you are. Remember, you control the speed of your own Coaster Car. Just request the Angels to slow things down a bit if they are moving too fast. Me, I like it full-throttle and cookin’ with gas. I’d like it done yesterday and this has led me into some really rough, but wonderful adventures in my own custom tailored learning experiences. Some folks like it slow and easy, like Easy Listening music. I like down and out Rock and Roll, with lots of Jazz, Spicy Salsa, Rhythm and Blues, sprinkled all over with richly Orchestrated Classical: After all, variety is the spice of life they say.

Did I mention that Realization is great fun? Did I mention that having and enjoying a personal relationship with your Creator is the purpose of All Life? What you are about to read may seem a bit complicated. Actually, it’s just a little complex, but very complete. It represents more than 22 years of research, and more than 20,000 pages of very exacting prayers. It was my living purpose (Dharma) to bring this into completion for you, and I have. The processing is still up to you. Anyway, if you would like to do the Clean Sweep, please set aside about an hour or more of your own, wide awake, yet quiet, solitary time and read on. If you don’t have that kind of time right now, stop here and wait ‘til the time is Divinely Appropriate. The Clean Sweep should be administered in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere with time to soak up the vibes after it is completed.

Paramahansa Yogananda, a Great Soul and Spiritual Master/Teacher once said that reading Spiritually Based Intentions and Affirmations aloud, cause the vibratory reality of those words to be held deeply by the physical mind. The same intentions and affirmations should be read in a whisper to attune your sub-conscious mind to that reality. Reading silently to your ‘Self’ literally locks the words into the super consciousness. Reading the first 6 pages of the Clean Sweep, in all three ways, before implementation, insures a very thorough experience.

Why should you do this cleansing anyway? What does it do for you? This cleansing does not make darkness go away. Only the experience of the Light dispels darkness. But if you just ‘Understand’ this, you will achieve Great things: If you turn to face the Light, you will always cast your shadow behind you. If you see your shadow at all, you might consider that it may be time to change your direction. This cleansing doesn’t take away from the phenomena of polar opposites of dichotomies either. If you observe any circle, there are an infinite amount of polar opposites on just one simple circle. The Clean Sweep Processing simply removes you from that which has harnessed you to the habit and addiction of darkness. Why should you do it? Well, my Teacher says, “We are more simple than we realize”. The dark habits of the past really complicate us: The Cleans Sweep just helps us let go of all those complications of habits and dark hidden addictions.

Please, TAKE THE TIME to do this in a quiet, calm, meditative space. This, after all, is a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual Experience. So unplug your phone. Put the kids to bed. You are about to use every sense you have for this one. When the energies of the Clean Sweep move through you, it’s a magnificent physical experience. You may/will feel the energies, subtle as they are. We have all been given ‘Gifts’ of the senses. Let those senses move you into the World of Experience. Of course, not everyone is endowed with equal ability when it comes to the actual experience of feeling this event. The requests within the Clean Sweep it ‘Self’ include: Sight beyond sight, Feeling beyond feeling, hearing beyond hearing, and knowing beyond knowing. Therefore, you will become much more sensitive after this experience, I know. Seat your ‘Self’ in a comfortable chair, in a quiet space, by your ‘Self’, or with others, who also wish to go though this together with you. The quieter and calmer the space, the better it is for this experience. Please read the following 6 pages aloud, then if you wish, whispering, and then again, in silence, but ‘Always With Authority’ every time. Relax and enjoy.



pervading all that is





EMBRACE . . . In-Unconditional-Love and TOTAL FORGIVENESS ‘ALL’ MY personal darkness with ‘ALL’ the Divine Light of My Entire Spiritual Being. I Now Forgive, Reveal, Identify & Release:ALL’ self-imposed addictive concepts & laws of lack & limitation: ‘ALL’ detrimental fixated intentions of: Hidden, cloaked, disguised, un-revealed, un-identified, dark & ego-based: ‘Consciousness & Foundations of’ doubt & curses, paradoxes & separation, vows & veils, judgments & commitment, attitudes & habit patterns, thought forms & beliefs, emotions & feelings, opinions & attachments, initiations & instruments, arrangements & agreements, promises & pledges, contracts & commissions, orders & requests, judgments & punishments, envy & revenge, pride & rebellion, ‘ALL Consciousness & Foundations of’ shame, blame, pain, punishment, fear, lack, limitation, poverty, failure, deceit, deception, fraud, ploy & lying, ‘ALL’ self- imposed errors of thought & perception, ‘ALL’ forgotten, but active core spiritual issues & events, ‘ALL Consciousness & Foundations of’ apathy, bitterness, depression, hopelessness, melancholy, sadness, doldrums, despondency, mournfulness, guilt, grief, fear, covert hostility, anger, hatred, rage, terror, & denial in its basest form of integral absence, Across ‘ALL’ Time & Space, Record & Memory, Cause & Effect, Alternates & Parallels, which keep Me from BEING IN THIS HOLY MOMENT OF NOW for their Immediate Release & Transmutation from ‘ALL’ Realms, Frequencies, Levels, Planes, Dimensions, Areas & Scope of My Being into a New Way of Loving My ‘Self’ with ‘ALL’ the Most Appropriate Beneficial Intentions . . . In-Love.













I Now Intend, ‘Allow’ & Request the Total Removal of the Following Mental Conditioning

Money As the acquisition & accumulation of any material goods in greed

Sex As the fulfillment of lust

Power As ‘power-over’ gained in the want & need to manipulate, coerce, use, or the attempt to control the Free Will of anyone or anything else in all of Creation

I Now Intend, ‘Allow’, Request & Accept Empowerment of the Following Expressions:

Money As an Expression of Divine Supply . . . In-Love

Sex As a Fulfillment of Divine Desire . . . In-Love

Power As to be Power-full, Power-through, Allowing the ‘Self’, To be Powerfully At Peace Within your ‘Self’, & to ‘Empower Being At-One’ with all of Creation

For I AM Worthy . . . In-Love & I Now Choose to Receive . . . In-Love

INow Intend, ‘Allow’, Request & Accept the healing & releasing of All Ancient Curses, Stored in Pain & Injurious to all Realms, Frequencies, Levels, Plains, Dimensions, Areas & Scope of My Being. I call them forth from any & all of My Embodiments. I Further Forgive, Rescind, Revoke & Cast Them Out with the Divine Healing of Peace, Joy & Harmony . . . In-Love

INow Intend, ‘Allow’, Request & Accept the Release & Removal of all Ancient Stored Detrimental, Discordant, Deleterious, Disharmonious Conditioning & Programmed Intentions of ‘denial’ from all Realms, Levels, Planes, Dimensions, Areas & Scope of My Being. I Further Intend, ‘Allow’ & Experience, the Re-implementation of the Divine Blue Print . . . In-Love

INow Choose, Intend, ‘Allow’, Request & Accept the Divine Blue Print in all Its Aspects & Perceived Reality to Match My Actuality. I Lovingly Embrace with the Light of My Entire Spiritual Being, the Divine Blue Print with Joy & Exuberance . . . In-Love

Through the Power & the Grace of the Almighty I AM PRESENCE, I call upon the Divine Laws of Forgiveness & Recognition. I Intend, ‘Allow’, Request & Accept that all thoughts, feelings, acts & events of My Own irrational episodic stupidity, expressed as gossip, criticism, greed, spite, denial, judgment, hate, lust, selfishness, depravity, condemnation, jealousy, guilt & envy, throughout all My Embodiments, all alternates, all parallels, across all time & space, record & memory, cause & effect, be now Embraced & Forgiven for all Beings involved. With the ‘Understanding’ that Forgiveness is only required until one has the Knowledge of the Divine Order in all Events, I then Recognize Serenity & Gratitude, to replace all detrimental intentions, judgments & any errors of My Perception.

GOD, Goddess, All That Is

Allow’ me the Serenity to Accept the person I cannot Change. The Courage to

Change the person I can Change & In Gratitude, the Wisdom to Know: It is I.

I Choose, Intend, ‘Allow’ & Accept that: Through Contrition, All thoughts & actions of darkness, denial, malice, judgment, jealousy, deceit, deception, fraud, lying, ploy, greed & theft, by Atonement within my self & my associate nature, Be Embraced with total Forgiveness, Processing & Transmutation. I further Choose, Intend, ‘Allow’ & Accept that: These conceptions & deeds, causes & effects, records & memories, be Forgiven & Embraced within the Divine Expressions of Integrity, Honesty, Ease, Peace & Harmony. I Choose, Intend, ‘Allow’ & Request, that this be enhanced with the Light of the Divine Laws of Affluence, Success & Trust. I Now Intend, ‘Allow’, Accept & Embrace with the Divine Light of My Entire Spiritual Being, all processing of the above . . . In-Love


It is My Intention to Choose, ‘Allow’, & Embrace to Over-Flowing . . . In this Infinite Moment of Now . . . The Great Spirit I AM that I AM as the Light of ALL Life . . . For I AM Blessed to Hold the Space of that Choice. I Embrace with the Total Light of My Spiritual Being, ‘Understanding’ that I Request, ‘Allow’, Accept, Intend & Choose . . . My ‘All’, My very Own ‘Divine Inheritance’

I AM Blessed with the Consciousness of Freedom, Affluence, Abundance, & the Light of the I AM

I AM Blessed with Being in the Right Place at the Right Time for the Right Action.

I AM Blessed with the Attitude of Gratitude.

I AM Blessed with Being Satisfied & Nurtured.

I AM Blessed with Operating from the Source with Integrity.

I AM Blessed with Telling the Truth, For I AM With the Truth & the Truth is Within Me.

I AM Blessed with Communicating Openly & Honestly.

I AM Blessed with Being Viable & Successful.

I AM Blessed with Manifesting Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Emotional Well-being

Allowing’ Spiritual Growth.

I AM Blessed with Providing Opportunity, I Discover & I Consciously Contribute to others.

I AM Blessed with Joyfully Embracing the Expression of Freedom, Affluence, Abundance, Time,

& the Light of Divine Love.

I AM Blessed to Embrace with Pleasure, the Attitude of Gratitude . . . In-Love

I AM Blessed to Joyously Welcome being in the Right Place at the Right Time for the Right Action.

I AM Blessed to Love Being Satisfied & Nurtured . . . In-Love.

I AM Blessed to Love Operating from the Source with Integrity . . . In-Love.

I AM Blessed to Love to Tell the Truth, to BE the Truth & to BE with the Truth . . . In-Love.

I AM Blessed to Love to Communicate Openly & Honestly . . . In-Love.

I AM Blessed to Treasure Being Viable & Successful . . . In-Love.

I AM Blessed to Cherish Manifesting Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Emotional Well-being.

I AM Blessed to Rejoice in Providing Opportunity to Discover & to Consciously Contribute to others.

I AM Blessed to Embrace Responsibility with Pleasure for it sets me free!

Therefore, I AM Response-able.

I AM Blessed to Joyously Release the Need to Blame.


I AM Blessed to Joyfully Receive Abundance . . . In-Love

I AM Blessed to Joyously Welcome Wealth . . . In-Love

I AM Blessed to Embody Affluence with Pleasure . . . In-Love

I AM Blessed to Treasure Worthiness . . . In-Love

I AM Blessed to Generously Manifest Prosperity . . . In-Love

I AM Blessed with Spiritual Growth . . . I AM Blessed with Divine Guidance . . . In-Love

I AM Blessed with Divine Timing . . . I AM Blessed with Serenity . . . In-Love

I AM Blessed with Abundance . . . I AM Blessed with Wealth . . . In-Love

I AM Blessed with Affluence . . . I AM Blessed with Worthiness . . . In-Love

I AM Blessed with Prosperity . . . I AM Blessed with Both Divine Love & Romance

I AM Blessed to Deserve . . . In-Love I AM Blessed to Deserve to Live . . . In-Love

I AM Blessed as the Light of Divine Expression Made Manifest in Human Form. . . . In-Love

I Intend, ‘Allow’ & Accept all of this as the Truth of MY Being, & as MY Reality, Right Now, In This Moment of Now. In Recognition of this Truth & this Reality, I Now Embrace, Choose, Intend, ‘Allow’, & Accept: Becoming Conscious & Aware of My Destiny to be a Response-able Steward of My Life which includes: My ‘Self’, My Possessions, My Home, All of Those Around Me, My Community, My Environment, All Living Things, & the Earth which Supports Us All. As We Become Aware of the Oneness of Our Source, Our Connectedness becomes Apparent & Our Response-ability Gradually Stretches & Expands from ‘limited exclusiveness’ into Universal Inclusiveness . . . In-Love

We as Good Stewards of the Earthbound Kingdoms would then be Willing to Embrace All of Our Obligations & Response-abilities as Healed Physicians & Earth Healers. Our Intentions will Acknowledge, Honor & Respect both the Angelic & Elemental Kingdoms in the Restoration of Our Earthbound Dominion; In ALL its Aspects; In ALL its Scope of Living Abundance; In All their Myriads of Precious Artistic & Creative Expression included In ALL Things from the very Greatest to the very Smallest. It will be Our Yearning Desire to Serve God-Goddess-All That Is: Our Creator; Expressed as God, The Benevolent Father; Expressed as Goddess, Our Divine Mother; Expressed as the Creation, The Living Universe of Angelic, Elemental & Earthbound Kingdoms; By Restoring to Health, Wealth, Happiness & Beauty; Our Selves; One Another; All Living Things; Our Blessed Earthly Home; And All in Accordance with the Light of the Divine Plan . . . In-Love




Under the Authorization of the Almighty I AM THAT I AM


I Surrender My Life . . . In-Love

In All Aspects of Being . . . In-Love

On All Levels of Being . . . In-Love

In All Scope of Being . . . In-Love

In All Planes & Dimensions of Being . . . In-Love

Across All Time & Space . . . In-Love

Record & Memory . . . In-Love

Cause & Effect . . . In-Love

Alternates & Parallels . . . In-Love

I Bow Down in Praise & Worship Before the Omniscient, Omnipotent I AM THAT I AM Only, The Great Spirit of All That Is

I Bow Down in Reverence Before the I AM THAT I AM Within the Masters & Teachers of that

Truth & Perfection, & Within The Beautiful Angels Of the I AM THAT I AM

I Bow Down Before the I AM THAT I AM Within My Own Blissful ‘True Self’

Implement This From My Heart With Gratitude Now . . . In-Love


I call forward the complete androgynous: Spiritual Being, Ego Self, Id, Inner Child, Sub-conscious mind, Emotional Body, Vibrational Level, rna/dna, Blood, Bones and Body of Speak your full name, for the implementation of the entire Clean Sweep Now!

Please, close your eyes & visualize (imagine) a huge, gently sloping, dinner plate like, stadium. This stadium surrounds us all the way from horizon to horizon, as far as you can imagine seeing. The Angels of the I Am That I Am have brought forth, literally millions upon millions of guests to accompany you on your personal Clean Sweep Transformation. These guests seated in this stadium are:

all your personal Incarnations called forward from every one of your own individual Past Life Times. These represent every part, every aspect and every level of your complete androgynous Spiritual Being, Ego Self, Id, Inner Child, Emotional Body and Vibrational Level from all of your past, forgotten & left behind, known & unknown conditions, including all aspects of you as you are now, in this Life Time.

With all these Higher ‘Self’ Incarnations are: All your Mothers & Fathers, Sisters & Brothers, Aunts, Uncles & Cousins, Unrequited Lovers, Lovers, Husbands, Wives & Children. All your Fellow Warriors, Kindred Spirits, People you have touched on any level or People who have touched you on any level, all People you have injured or harmed on any level or any area of being & those who also have injured or harmed you on any level or area of being, across all time and space, record and memory, cause and effect, alternates and parallels. Also included are many more categories of People I have forgotten I invited, but that I did invite, and that are there, seated in your stadium, nun-the-less. Plus, eight generations forward and eight generations back, of each single individual, who is called forward and seated in your stadium that I have mentioned and are all in your visualized stadium, right now.

Read all “Quotation marked areas” aloud at this time

Under the Same Authority”

I now call forth ‘All Aspects of my own Total ‘Self’’ from alldenied, hidden & un-revealed Realms, Frequencies, Levels, Planes, Dimensions, Areas & Scope of My Being! For it is my Intention to Forgive: All the Illusions generated bymy own ‘laws of lack & limitation’: ToReveal & Rescind: All hidden, cloaked & disguised foundations of: Curses, detrimental thoughts, resentments, feelings, & intentions of denial: All judgments, attitudes, habit patterns, conditioning, influences & emotions that I have harbored in blame, shame, pain, and punishment, representing ancient internalized mis-perceptions, mis-understandings & cursed judgmental sub-conscious thought forms of neuro pathways resulting in all the habits and addictions of self-punishment.”

I was informed that to do even one Clean Sweep, I had to invite all the collective human souls that are directly and indirectly involved to complete the removal of all dark contracts within you. This is for the purpose of a totally complete cleansing. That’s how deep this cleansing is required to be just for your release of all those dark contracts, agreements, promices and pledges. Each and every individual Higher Self, whom ever has been called forward, have also been instructed by the Angels of the I Am That I Am, to observe exactly the same kinds of stadiums full of Higher Selves inside them ‘Selves’ as well. Those that are invited to this level of stadiums are also envisioning their own stadiums, Etc. Please ‘Understand’, there are actually eight (8) invited levels of stadiums, just to complete your individual Clean Sweep. Eventually, as more and more people do the Clean Sweep, it will literally begin freeing all of us.

You see, we have egotistically, self-imposed an entangled web of illusions, somewhere in the dark collective of our past-karmic indebtedness: And we have all shared this web of darkness with so many for so long. Of course this was all brought on by the dark side, through one contract setting up the ‘inability to ever forgive one another’. These dark contracts and associated terms of dark foundations, so easily implemented before, have totally turned all of us against one-another for eons of time. Then of course, over those same eons of time, we learned ‘really well’ from our dark teachers: So, we self-imposed upon our ‘Selves’ all that they taught us, (fail-safe systems) just to add some icing onto that cake we actually baked for each other. That’s why everyone mirrors back to us all the same cursed foundational judgments we still hold against our ‘Selves’.

So, let’s set our ‘Selves’ (androginous spiritual being, inner child, ego, Etc.,) free, shall we? Please observe the stadium within at this time. Remember, the Higher Selves of everyone you know in this Life Time are also in your stadium. If you are having a hard time envisioning any of this within your ‘Self’, please, don’t worry: They’re still all still very much there, for that is how this whole thing was set up: All those in any stadium were invited to do their own Higher ‘Self’ Clean Sweep with you. By the way, the overlap of all these Clean Sweeps performed over and over again is totally permitted and literally enjoyed by all the Higher Selves I have ever encountered so far, and that’s a whole lot of all of you. So from this point forward, I will be addressing all who are invited into this Clean Sweep Experience all at once:

Welcome to the Clean Sweep. You have been called forward, for the purpose of receiving this Cleansing Treatment Series. It is for the intended purpose that you ‘Understand’, in Accordance with the Angels and the I Am That I Am, this is all being done to prepare you for eventually receiving your ‘All’, your own Divine Inheritance of Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Time to Enjoy It. At this time, please look into your stadium and repeat aloud after me to all those who have gathered with you, and with all the authority you have called forward. They will in turn, repeat the same into their own stadiums after you, to all those who have been gathered in their own stadiums and to All That IS:

Please forgive me for every thing I have ever done to you!”

And I will forgive you for every thing that you have ever done to me!”

Please forgive me for every thing you think, I have done to you!”

And I will forgive you for every thing I think, you have done to me!”

Please release us to our Highest and Best Good, through the Laws of Divine Forgiveness and Un-conditional Love!”

I now cast out all ‘self’ imposed foundations of: curses, judgments, emotions, intentions of degradations, and especially any ‘Resistance to Forgive’ these cursed impositions and resentments we have so deeply hidden within our ‘selves’ and covertly held against each other across all time!”

Implement this Forgiving and Releasing process now.”


The next part of the Clean Sweep is a Transformational Experience where you will receive all the actual prayer treatments that comprize the entire Clean Sweep all at once. (20,000 pages plus) Please sit up comfortably and relax. This may take about two to three minutes to perform. Close your eyes and enjoy the experience of the Angels and the I AM That I AM as this Spiritual Transformation takes place. Again, this may take a few minutes to complete.

Repeat after me aloud:

I would like to receive, the Clean Sweep, in its entirety.”

Please implement this process within me now;

for all my identified and non-identified full manifestations in all my Holographic bodies; (Feeling, Physical, Astral, Chemical, Etheric, Cellular, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Memorial, Etc.);




(Pause until you feel completion)

After the Clean Sweep has been completed, repeat the following into your stadium of Higher Selves and all of those that are called forward for this Clean Sweep. Everyone on every level and in every stadium will hear it directly from you.

Repeat aloud after me: At this time, we have been set free from allcontracts and agreements, promices and pledges we have ever made with and from the dark side. These cursedcontracts and agreements; harnessed us to the dark ego-game of separation; constant judgment and denial of one-another, our ‘Selves’ and all things. Like the archetype contract of dark warrior, even if we chose to be a ‘Warrior of the Light’, with just this one cursed agreement, we gave our lives in the effort of freeing our ‘Selves’ and others: from the dark spirits of denial and other minions of the luciferian experiment in darkness that threatened our very freedom of choice and existence. We championed the cause of the righteous. And with the result of our own actions, the actual energy of our polarised participation granted the darkness it’s due. We actually contributed to the darkness we in fact apposed or tried to push away. Because of our secret dark contracts, our efforts served the dark side by the very act of joining the opposed polarized position. this manipulation of human consciousness must end, and it ends with me righht now!”

We have also been set free from the very first contract with the dark side, the contract of judgment. This was the Proverbial ‘Adam and Eve experience of biting the Apple’ described in the Book of Genesis of the Bible. This first dark contract took us from the ‘Infinite Field of All Possibilities’ to just ‘one’ of ‘any two’ dicotomies or polarized choices in the game of separation set upon the wheel of life. This was played out as an act of Tempering the Bible says we were to receive from the minions of darkness.”

The contracts of judgment and non-forgiveness eventually led us into the dark archetypal roles of continued failure within concieted luciferian minion sub-humans: reptilian, warrior, warlock, warlord, kings, witches, bitches, hags, and queens. also included are all the concieted minion associated dastardly d-men, sinister d-women, wanton-want-a-bees, hurtin-has-beens, torturing tormentors, residual resisters, master manipulators, terrible teasers,perpetual-pleasers, the hidden shadowed multidimensional between-betweenees, menacing meandering marauders, and gloomy backstabing beyond-beyonders (all absolute control freaks) who continued to feed the darkness . . . our energy . . . from all our expressed experience seriously acted upon as we ultimately cursed our ‘Selves’ and insulted one another with deeply hidden dark irritations. We have now cast them out along with the very rooms they were kept in!”

Understand we had no choice while all these binding contracts, cursed agreements and critically shadowed tempering acts were irritatedly in effect. Further ‘Understand’ that we have all literally mastered every aspect and every silhouetted part played out in this dark shadow of a game. We have simply been stuck making the same dark contractual choices over and over again because of all those age old adictive formulated scripts, contracts, agreements, promisses, pledges and deeply burried emotional conditionings within this dark tempering of the Human Soul.”

Within the releasing technologies of the Clean Sweep, and our conscious choice of casting out all these deeply burried foundations of: ‘the laws of lack and limitation’, we are now set free and by our own hand I might add. We are now on the path of returning to a much clearer space of Conscious Choice. We may now begin to truly ‘Choose to Allow’ . . . Perhaps to even decline participation in feeding this fear-based system of dark thoughts and irritated feelings of denial, revenge seeking, death, dying and destruction. We may now step away from the self-imposed laws of lack and limitation while standing in apposed polarized positions that harm our very future existence”.

We may now ‘LEARN TO DISCERN’ . . . From a more neutral love-based observation of our own higher self experience . . . And apply our ‘Divine Free Will’ to any future creative choice we wish to allow . . . So . . . Please choose wisely my friends! . . . You are now free to choose to Master your thoughts and feelings In-Love, In-Oneness, In-Unity and for All of Life in this very Holy Co-Creative Moment of Now”

It has been granted that with this cleansing, we have been returned to our ‘Original Divine Blue Print State of Consciousness’ as a ‘Spiritual Being who serves the Oneness Within All.’ It has been further granted, that if you wish, you may Choose, ‘Allowing your complete Self’, to be now, so designated, as to be a ‘Spiritual Guardian’, or ‘as one who Helps and Protects others along the Ascension path’. If you so wish to help others a long this path . . . that this Designation of Spiritual Guardian, be granted unto you, please request this implementation at this time by silently requesting this Designation of Spiritual Guardianship for your ‘Self’, within your ‘Self’, now.”

The next part of the Clean Sweep is a simple In-Love, In-Oneness, In-Unity, declaration of intent and promise. Please repeat aloud and from your heart:

I promise to serve, honor and cherish





and this I Promise with my heart.”

Implement this from my Heart now . . . In-Love


(Said to all that have been gathered in your stadium and beyond)

Thank you for this ‘opportunity to be of service’ to our Creator, the Great Spirit, the I Am That I Am . . . And, Thank You for your participation in this Cleansing Treatment Process. May we all be Blessed, to go even further into our own ‘Self’ enlightenment and experiential transformation, emerging as healed physicians! You may now, move on to your next higher octave, for learning, processing and healing . . . Thank you again . . . you are now . . . all dismissed.”

(Those in the Stadiums are dismissed)


Now back to just you and I . . . we individual incarnate beings, of this time of our time, and condition of our condition: The Clean Sweep Processing has one more major thing to do . . . The last years of the development of this Cleansing Treatment Series were devoted to the disarming of the ego’s use of the hidden, revealed, and un-identified dark powers that dwelt deeply within us. You see, there are only two aspects of our ‘Selves’ that we generate: Our personalities and our egos. Everything else is literally created by the creator. Now, we can change our expression just like actors and actresses: our basic personality is a Divine Part of our very Birth Experience. But our dark ego seems to have taken on its own personaliyt and direction in a dark comedy of errors. It has literally been programed to control us, truly separate us from our ‘Selves’ and our Creator. And I know at times in this life and all the other lives I have been so blessed to have, my ego has been totally ‘out of control’ and insainly injurious to many and especially myself.

Within the Ancient Original Divine Blue Print, The ego has a very Divine Purpose. The ego is the ‘Self’-generated part of us, that ‘specifically identifies’ every aspect and every part of our ‘Selves’, and relates it back to us. Other wise, we would feel like a drop of water, totally merged into an ocean of water without any sence of our self. Only through this ‘Self’ made and embodied ego, can we experience our own individual qualities. It recognizes you as the one Divine Individual you are as you express Life. But this real Original Divine Blue Print Purpose has nothing to do with being locked in dark judgmental separation, denial and control of every aspect of our very lives by a darkened ego. Perhaps our own darkly learned fear-based, egotistical, ‘Self’-imposed, pseudo-divine blue print, generated from lifetimes of acting upon our own dark cursed ‘laws of lack and limitation’: actually keeps us locked into a dark status of separation: but not the Original Divine Blue Print.

That hidden and cloaked, ‘Self’-limiting and denied, pseudo divine blue print of the dark archetypes keep us feeling separated from Oneness: but not the Ancient Original Divine Blue Print. This hidden, irritated and cloaked, ‘Self’-limiting and denied, pseudo divine blue print was ‘Self’ imposed over the Original Divine Blue Print as a cloaked foundational apparatus to effectively keep us repeating our own most treasured negative and detrimental expressions, over and over again, life time after life time. As I described earlier in this series of books, the ‘ego needs to be de-authorized from the use of these dark side devices and weaponry. You may desire to re-read this explanation.

It’s also appropriate at this time to inform you of the three major levels of denial, hidden revealed and un-identified armaments of the ego burried deeply within us with tons of personal issues. The first denial level of the ‘ego’s weaponry’ is the ‘fear of rejection’. When this level is called forth in any form of relationship, in any aspect of life, it brings all of us into judgment of others or our ‘Selves’. We feel inadequate and dispossessed of our natural Good Intentions. We automatically turn ‘against the source’ of this rejection with our fear-based thoughts and feelings. Either we judge them or their condition as less than us.

If this wasn’t enough, it also causes us to turn on our ‘Selves’ and we judge our ‘Selves’ as ‘less than or worse than’ we ‘should, could or would’ have ever been. Judgments, karma, mis-‘Understandings’, and foundational conditioning are all words to describe the same concept. We are controlled by our dogmatic fear-based thoughts, feelings, denials, judgments and projected opinions. This pure value judgment is aimed and fired at will, (Pun, but oh so true) our own Divine Will. This happens so automatically, we deny it even exists.

The Angels then said I would never guess this next level. They had to help me with this one.”

The second level of denial is the ‘fear of loathing’. Loathing is not in my usual vocabulary and I have only seen it used, in a couple of documents ever before. It’s the ‘fullest extent of deploring’, which also causes, injury or pain to another or your ‘Self’. It is consummate irritating hatred. This causes karmic injury to the ‘Self’ and attempts to create injury to the recipient of that hatred. Of course, the pain of this experience is so deeply INGRAINED; it has no consciencious register in our being. We are totally consumed by the mental rage of its denial: The next stage of this context, at its farthest and most desperate extent feeds the foundational role playing of the darkly irritated archetypes: concieted minion luciferian sub-humans: reptilian, warrior, warlock, warlord, kings, witches, bitches, hags, and queens (always included are all the associated minion dastardly d-men, sinister d-women, wanton-want-a-bees, hurtin-has-beens, torturing tormentors, residual resisters, master manipulators, terrible teasers, perpetual-pleasers, the shadowed multidimensional-betweenees, menacing meandering marauders, and especially the gloomy backstabing beyond-beyonders) . . .

The deepest burried and darkest level of denial I speak of is an ultimate insult to the Creator: It is the consumate ‘denial of Continued Life’ against the expressed Divine Free Will of any other Divine Free Will. It is the ‘denial’ of another to continue to live out the complete mission of their Life. So the delema becomes: how do we fit this level of denial into the earth-bound food-chain and deal with the karma of abortion and crimes against humanity? . . . WOW! . . . By the way:

Every pre-born child I have ever spoken with, has said that, “We respect our Mothers Choice, no matter what”. Now, let’s look at this again. If the unborn child totally desires to be born into that body, it would Love to be in the most Appropriate Circumstances it can possibly have, bar none. (Please note that I didn’t say Spiritually, or Religiously, Appropriate Circumstances.) Also, did you notice: There was no attachment to it being the way the Child desired it to be at all. Its fate was to be decided by the Mother: Period!!!” Previously stated in Book III

It’s like the ‘ultimate destruction’ of the very Garden of Eden that the Creator gave us to oversee and to take care of throughout all our lives . . . When we, as Human Divine Souls helped the Creator design it long before we ever got here! It’s the dark ego’s own childlike tantrum: “If I can’t have it, no one can, so I will destroy it!” Is this poiniant or what?

it’s also the doctrine of a proverbial fear-based belief that life only happens once, so if you transgress it in any way, you will fail wretchedly and dwell in the hell of the dark void forever . . . The conscious teaching of this fear-based existential dogmatic insult to Eternal Life leads to the eventual destruction of another potential freely expressive Life of Love . . . This is a religious fear-based judgmental Foundation of Failure totally surpressing the potential of ones own Divine Free Will . . .

This is the real sin of dark denial in and of it self . . . The expressed Denial of Eternity is the source of all the problems on this Earth today. It’s as if that belief is actually working only for the darkside . . . Not the salvation of the individual soul at all: It is used as a cultish religious tool of fear-based surrender to those associated minion sub-humans dastardly d-men, sinister d-women, wanton-want-a-bees, hurtin-has-beens, torturing tormentors, residual resisters, master manipulators, terrible teasers, perpetual-pleasers, the shadowed multidimensional-betweenees, menacing meandering marauders, and the gloomy backstabing beyond-beyonders to attempt to control all others . . . With eclesiastical rightiousness and judgmental justification!

So here we are: lost in the delema to base our lives on what we feel at the time to be the most appropriate action to take . . . Hmm!?! . . .

And Life continues on . . . Thank God-Goddess!

To complete this initial Clean Sweep Process, and remove all those dark inner weapons of separation, please repeat the following request aloud, and with all the authority requested in the beginning of this process:









Implement the EGO DE-AUTHORIZATION on a CONTINUOUS AND ‘SELF’-SUSTAINING BASIS . . . Implement the CLEAN SWEEP for all aspects and all levels of my Holographic Body, (Feeling, Physical, Astral, Chemical, Etheric, Cellular, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Memorial, Etc.) my ALL, my World, my Earth and my fellow Earth-bound Kingdoms, my Ego, My Super Ego, My ID, My Sub-Conscious Mind, My Inner Child, and Both Androgynous halves of my Lower Self and Higher Spiritual Being Now . . . with Unconditional Love and Gratitude . . . To the Infinite Level



Very Important Whoosh: “Would Someone Please grant me a Special Whoosh from the ‘All’ Now!”


This next part is about something that you have to be open to ‘Allow your Self’ to begin to receive. I know you have requested to be opened to rapid growth for some time. But the new appreciations that are essential for the future of this Planet and all our lives are simply to continue processing throughout our quest to know the Truth. I have several ‘Understandings’ that are absolutely necessary for you to embrace. You see, the first 6 pages of the Clean Sweep, have changed many times over the last sixteen years of this research. Many times, I added single purposed statements to its context with very specific meaning. One element was the statement that followed a request made to the Creator to take all the cleansing treatments presented to the fullest and most appropriate extent possible; to re-implement all previous executed healing works and prayer treatments each individual made for themselves; while remaining completely and effectively within the Divine Will, and without affecting any of the choices of our own Free Will. This was absolutely essential. In order to begin to cleanse our ‘Selves’ we have to stretch our ‘Allowing’ to the fullest extent:

About New Beginnings:

“You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn ‘like being a beginner’, a whole new world opens up to you.” Barbara Sher

And without further ado, here are some cold hard facts about things that you must understand ‘whether this rings true or not’ to help you get rid of a bunch of your Old Stored Stuff (SS)

Every single one of us lived many lives ever since we were brought here: Period!

Every single one of us had to ‘under go’ this tempering by the dark side: Period!

Every single one of us lives under the Divine Laws that regulate this Universe: Period!

Every single one of us sway with the Pendulum Swing of Karma: Paying or making!

Every single one of us played out the character roles that none of us can imagine playing!

Every single one of us was influenced by reptilian and other-dimensional beings of evil agenda!

All of us were dark warriors, warlocks, warlords, kings, witches, bitches, hags and queens!

We were has-been d-men, d-women, want-a-bees, perpetual-pleasers and more: Period!

We were unknowingly influenced by shadowed sub-humans multidimensional-betweenees, menacing meandering marauders,and backstabbing beyond-beyonders: all sub-conscious tricksters/saboteurs causing every form of negative behavior we uncontrollably, habitually and addictively act out!

Every single one of us Mastered playing out these roles of manipulated moments sometime in history: Period!

Every single one of us had to prove our loyalty every time we ever played these roles!

Every single one of us had to accept dark curses against everything existing: Period!

Every single one of us still has those same dark curses hidden deeply within us: Period!

We all surrendered our Divine Wills to others we thought or were taught had more understanding than we thought or were trained we had: Those minion dastardly sub-humans d-men, sinister d-women, wanton-want-a-bees, hurtin-has-beens, torturing tormentors, residual resisters,master manipulators, terrible teasers,perpetual-pleasers, shadowed multidimensional-betweenees, menacing meandering marauders, and gloomy backstabbing beyond-beyonders actually use fear-based religion to promote failure especially in the complete downfall of mankind. These ancient dark curses are all Self-imposed and they stand against every successful aspect of life and more! Now you have to Understand that they’re mostly lying dormant within us somewhere in our very foundations. Our Free Willcan override any curse at any time, and it does . . . Most all of the time!

But under certain kinds of dark circumstances like drug or alcohol weakened moments, dark egotistical instances, and flaring angry arguments, these curses may surface and literally block our journey back home. They can make us look pretty stupid too! And further, you must Understand, that these antiquated dark curses were accepted by us when we had no other choice . . . Or even in times when we were just plain ‘totally into playing out’ that leading dark role by our own choice . . . To the hilt . . . But no matter how they were accepted, we had to somehow initiate them . . . Or suffer terribly and eventually die a horrible torturous death . . . So, under those ancient dark and definitely egotistical fear-based circumstances, we did accept them! . . . And we probably died a horrible death anyway!

We implemented all of them as we played out those dark roles, only to live ever since in subconscious ‘guilt, anger, blame, shame, pain and especially hidden punishments of failure’. . . Then we buried all of it with heaps of irritations over the events of transgressions against ourselves . . . Thus those strange guilt ridden feelings that we all seem to share . . . That somehow we really are all damned to remain ‘sinners’ . . . That cursed condition of failure is where we have all come from for so long in our collective past journey . . . And ‘Now’ in this very Moment of Now. . . Since we have done the Clean Sweep and we really can ‘forgive ourselves’. . . Don’t you thinkit’s about time for us to rid ourselves of this excess baggage of useless dark curses and all their ancient accoutrements of these buried stupid irritating dark actions: Period!

First: They do not serve us: At all! . . . Secondly: It does not help us in any way to keep them buried for any reason any more: Period! They limit and leave us in total lack. They cause us to believe in only half truths, which are not the truth at all but some how, they all become our engrained laws of lack and limitation. They cause us to feel so harmed that we ‘constantly seek revenge’ on all those that we have ever thought ‘may have ever done us wrong!’ . . . Over and over again . . . And sometimes, it’s the exact same person, tribe or even similar personality types . . .Over and over again . . . And for what?!? . . . To get even some how?!? . . . To avenge some long forgotten deed?!? . . . To fulfill some trivial tribal vendetta?!? . . . Some ancient ancestral blood feud?!? . . . Over some old forgotten quarrel or tribal hunting ground dispute?!? . . .(Usually over some seriously taken Wench-ing in my ancient dark warrior times)To retaliate for some inherited situation you can’t even remember or relate to ever happening?!? . . . Perhaps something written about in some ancient religious script?!? . . . Done by some Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandparent against some one else?!? . . . That they didn’t like at that time?!? . . . Who may have just happened to have actually been ‘Us’ in that very previous cursed life . . . And now we are the very ones seeking revenge upon this certain family or group over perhaps some incident that we ourselves actually were responsible for starting in a previous lifetime?!?

So, I know this may seem a little weird and complicated . . .But Remember. . . The Truth is always Simple . . . And in this instant, it is still ‘Simple’ . . . Even to rid ourselves of masses of old ancient Stored Stuff and a whole bunch of forgotten dark curses . . . And now I Am giving it to you in one swift reading . . . Even though it took me literally ‘years and years of research’ to figure all this out . . .I Am still going to give it to you in such simple terms that you may think that this isn’t even possible at all in any way . . . It’s just too ‘Simple’ . . . But this is it:

At one time in the Clean Sweep work, I cast out the Devil from my ‘Self’. That very night I had a dream and this one was a doozy: I was standing in a dark place when I saw before me a red horizon beginning to form. Up rose two huge blazing red slanted reptilian eyes almost as big as the horizon. I knew it was the proverbial ass itself . . . So in my warrior stance with all my might I began to taunt and call it names . . . I said give me your best shot you piece of dog &#%$ on my shoe . . . I did use some terms not to be mentioned in these writings . . . When all of a sudden Azriel, the Angel of Birth and Death snatched me out of that dream. I told him “I Am a Human Soul and I had it covered because I have ‘Right of Consciousness’ . . .”

He said, “Bob, even Angels have swords, armor, helmets and shields along with many forms of special abilities . . . We have to get you at least a sword before youtry anything like this again.”

I thought about it for a while and I said, “I would like something very special as well and I would like to give this to everyone that does the Clean Sweep . . .”

Every single one of us now have two Star Wars-like Light Sabers . . . They’re built right into us. They’re two of the Flames of God: The All Consuming, Transmuting, Filtering Violet Flame, for which Saint Germain is the Patron-Saint there of . . . And the Blue-White Flame . . . Just like the Flame of Arch Angel Michael’s Blue-White Sword . . . With Arch Angel Michael’spermission, of course. They come right out of our own hands instantly when called upon. Since I’m an old warrior of many life times, I still like to carry mine just like real swords: Crossed on my back . . . Anyway, you can aim them just like real light sabers . . . They won’t cut you or anyone else . . . But, see if you can imagine them with your inner eye vision, literally blazing right out your hands . . . Point them right into your feet and slowly, very slowly (so you can feel them as they move through you) sweep them right up through your body and then out the top of your head . . . You may have had your first (Whoosh) of actual ‘Self Cleansing’ energy sensation of Spirit Force . . . You know: “May the Force Be With You” type ‘Whoosh of Inner Spirit Force’ . . .‘Perhapsyou really are as you Whoosh your ‘Self’ to be’ . . .

You can also aim them right at the most irritated painful areas of your body and if you are not very energy sensitive, with practice, you may eventually begin to actually feel them as they pass through you . . . By the way, did I mention these same Flames can heal . . . Say this out loud right now, “I call forth the frequencies of success, of health, of homeostasis, of enhanced stem cell release from my bone marrow into my blood stream for the repairing, rebuilding and restoration of all my bodily parts and areas . . . And especially in any region freshly freed of ancient dark storage, irritation and fear-based concentration!” . . . I know for some of you who are just reading this . . . You may require to stretch a bit to really get this one . . . But in God-Goddess: All things are Possible . . . See this as more than just possible . . . Feel this healing Whoosh from within you!

Next: Since we have all, already cursed just about everything, I think it’s really a miracle we can do anything here at all . . . There is the phenomenon about all of this stuff: That which has been so hidden within, lies in wait to show up when we are the weakest or really emotionally distraught: Especially associated with guilt, blame, shame, pain and punishment. That’s why we find ourselves so absolutely limited in kicking our self-punishment of drug, alcohol and cigarette addictions, patterns and habits: Did I mention that these patterns of failure have been within us for so many life times and are so deeply embedded into our sub-conscious minds that they have become lifetime traditions of total lack and limitation? We are so used to it always being this way: It just seems to come so natural to us (not) to ‘Allow’ our Selves’ to be, to do, to have and especially to ever be able to receive . . . We even forgot how to ‘Allow’! . . . We have somehow cursed ourselves into thinking we are not worthy of receiving ‘even the very crumbs from the table’ . . . As Saint Germain has so elaborated. (By the way, the dichotomy, the polar opposite of ‘To Allow’ is ‘to control’.)

The saving grace in all this is the fact that our Free Will empowering our desire, is so much more powerful than any dark curse or traditional law of lack or limitation ever imposed upon or accepted by us ever . . . With initiating the Clean Sweep, we have the new found ability to forgive, observe and get rid of all those traditional patterns of habits and addictions . . . And I mean right now. We just have to find them, expose them, dig them up and cast them off . . . That’s the same ones I mentioned before that are buried in tons of irritations . . . So, are you ready to begin really looking into your ‘Self’ to find all this negative (SS) stored stuff that’s been so irritating to all of our entire existence? Well, if you are, let’s get to work right now!

That means that you will have to begin to really look closely to see all these traditional patterns emerging that tried to block all of our Spiritual Growth to this point . . . Or your past and future Wealth. . . Or your present Health . . . Or your existing Happiness. . . And let’s not forget your future Time to Enjoy this newly charged life. Perhaps we should also literally look into This Moment of Now . . . Because we sure seem to have cursed everything ‘in’This Moment of Now. . . That’s why we seem to dwell in a ‘someday it’ll show up pattern’ as if everything we desire always seems to come just a little bit later . . . Or it never really shows up at all . . . Because ‘later’ really never seems to come at all! . . .

Your ‘All’ . . . Or your Health . . . Wealth. . .Happiness and your Time to Enjoy It are what Saint Germain calls your ‘Divine Inheritance’ . . . And we’re supposed to call it forward in This Very Moment of Right Now . . . Gee, didn’t we just learn that we some how cursed all those very things in some great distant past . . . Hmm!?! . . . Maybe that’s why this new technology is so very important to help us get rid of these cursed blocks to finding and receiving our ‘All’ in our existing life times?!?

You see, when Master Jesus said, “Physician, Heal thy ‘Self’” . . . We were supposed to begin healing ourselves of things we could not and would not ever conceive of: Thinking . . . Or Doing . . .Or ever wishing upon anyone else in existence . . . And especially to think that we have also done it to our ‘Selves’ by our ‘Selves’ . . . And unfortunately, that’s just what we have done! You see, these curses are so dark and far reaching: We hid them in total denial and irritating shame . . . We are so ashamed of being some dark reptilian, warrior, warlock, warlord, king or some dark conceited witch, bitch, hag, or queen, we would never think we were any of these archetypes!

You and I, would never think of doing to our ‘Selves’, what we’ve probably done to each other over and over again . . . And I know most of us have already paid the karmic indebtedness for all of them over and over again too . . . And probably so many more times then necessary . . . But since these things were so appalling and so horrific, even if the Karma was already paid off . . . We will still run the same stupid pattern and do it again . . . Just because we are so attached and/or addicted to repeating these same stupid cursed habitually patterned dark archetype actions . . . And still, we somehow refuse to believe that any of this is even possible, let alone, that it’s true! . . .

So, let’s just stretch this out a bit further . . . let’s just consider it already done and over, shall we!?!. . . Even if you don’t believe anything I’ve dug up about our pasts . . . Let’s just say . . . You did to me what I did to you and after this Clean Sweep, now we have totally forgiven each other . . . But you see, we still carry some ‘self-sabotaging-stupid-curse’ to recommit the pattern again and again and again: Stored Stuff or at least excess baggage. We also cursed our ‘Selves’ for ever thinking of removing dark curses, habit patterns and ingrained addictions . . . So if you think it’s time to stop all of this stupid, detrimental, addictive acting out . . . And I would like to stop all this too . . . Without this curse, addiction and traditional pattern removal processing, it will probably all happen again, and again, and again . . . So . . . What do you say? . . . Are you interested in getting rid of these past curses and perhaps removing your ‘Self’ from all irritations these repeated patterned addictive actions in the future will cause? . . . Well . . . Here it is . . . It’s as easy as saying ABCDEFG!

A stands for Acknowledging: That we probably did sabotage and curse what ever . . . And whom ever . . . And Acting out the scripted roles of the Archetypes made sure everything was always cursed and resentfully Attached inliterally All directions. . . Up and down, coming and going in literally All ways and with All Attacking Attributescovered . . . And we probably did Accept Any & All Accoutrements of these curses just like Attached Addictions to traditional patterned Actions from Any source or we may have made a few AchingAdditions of our own and given our AccumulatedAddictions back to be shared by All others . . . Even Acquired sabotaging and hidden denied curses our Aspiringego’s had to take-on as their own . . .And perhaps this was a very common practice somewhere in our AssortedAncient pasts when we were one sex or another . . . Androgynous we are now, with both male and female within, and yet AllAndrogynousBeings must share our experience in and our processing of the Clean Sweep equally response-ably.

Say this out loud: “I Acknowledge that I do have a whole lot of old traditionalnasty previous dark lifetime curses of failure irritating me from myAssortedAncient & Acted out past, deeply hidden within me resentfully buried in Addicting blame, Associated shame,Aching pain andAssaulting punishment, that were both mental and emotional disturbances Attached to my Aggressively Asinine dark ego of failure in that Ancient dark past . . .

Attributed to each of these disturbingly cursed Archetype Actors; Argumentative conceited minion reptilian, warrior, warlock, warlord, kings, witches, bitches, hags, and queens, All Arrogant Associated bragging-ego-emotional failure button-pushing dark Archetypes of minion sub-humans; dastardly boasting d-men, sinister seducing d-women, wanton-want-a-bees, hurtin-has-beens, torturing tormentors, residual resisters, master manipulators, terrible teasers, perpetual-pleasers, slick-n-slimy ego-influencing Audacious shadowed multidimensional between-betweenees, menacing meandering marauders, and the irritating gloomy brazen backstabbing beyond-beyonders are all hidden in habitual egotistical Accumulated Addictions and judgmentally patterned Antagonistic traditions of failure, Acting-out Any And All saboteur ‘minion underling spirits of denial with dark angels and beyond’ that truly wish to incapacitate or limit my efforts, my expression of Any of the 64 Art-forms, especially in ‘Attempting to Allow Any And All Appropriate Creative Actions’ . . . And somehow, they block, Alienate, or harm me with Avenging mine-fields of dark failure and opposition sustaining the Starving Artist Attitude . . . Always Attacking me when I least expect it! . . .

I Now rescind, release and Cast-them-All-Out: Along with Any And All Accoutrements of Attaching emotional based mis-perceptions, meanings, mental and emotional disturbances or expressions ever communicated, especially with Any And All inflections of the dark Archetype minion Addicting Luciferian, reptilian, warrior, warlock, warlord, kings, witches, bitches, hags, and queens, All Associated emotional failure button pushing trigger mechanisms of those Arrogant dark Archetypes of minion sub-human dastardly d-men, sinister d-women, wanton-want-a-bees, hurtin-has-beens, torturing tormentors, residual resisters, master manipulators, terrible teasers,perpetual-pleasers, shadowed multidimensional-betweenees, menacing meandering marauders, and the irritated gloomy backstabbing beyond-beyonders!”

B stands for Being Forgiven for accepting any curses from any source and of course, making our own and giving Back ours to Be shared by others . . . B stands for casting out any Blocks that these cursed actions have ever made at any time . . .B also stands for ‘Calling Forth In this Moment of Now all the Divine Blessings of Success and Successful Behaviors’ that all these dark curses ever Blocked . . .

Say this out loud: “I Forgive my entire Spiritual Being in all levels and dimensions, of the past, present and future! I will always Be Forgiven by my Creator! For I Know God-Goddess did not take the contract of judgment: I did! I now Forgive my Inner Child, my Ancient ‘Self’ and ego for ever cursing anything and/or anyone at anytime in any judgment . . . I especially forgive anyone else’s hidden curses my ‘Self’ and/or my ego ever accepted and/or mirrored Back . . . I further call forth all the Beloved Blessings that any of these curses have ever Blocked . . . And I especially forgive my ‘Self’ and my ego for cursing ‘Receiving in This Moment of Now’ . . . For I Am Truly Creative; I Allow the Creator; I Am artfully Blessed with pioneering Success; And I Am Bountifully Worthy of Receiving Joyously!”

C stands for the Casting Outany andall of thosestupid dark irritatingattached Curses and Commitments, all those Constant Considerations, all those CurrentConditionings, with all those involved Contexts of Circumstance, right down to the Cellular Memory Level with the Complete Removal of any and all Consummate mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, chemical, and etheric Considerations of dark intention and hidden cursed agenda of any dark archetype or denial spirit entity.

Say this out loud: “In This Moment of Now, I rescind, release and Cast Out all these Condemning Curses and Commitments, all the Controlled Conditioning, all the Customary Considerations, with any and all the involved Contrived Context in Failure in any and all the detrimental Compulsory tradition or Circumstance, right down to the Etheric Cellular Level of my Compassionate Androgynous Spiritual ‘Self’, my Compatible Inner Child and anything Coming up from my Compatriot Ego’s search for hidden Curses and mechanistic triggers to play out any dark archetype role and resentful behaviors!”

D stands for the Casting Out of any and all Dark Disturbing Intention in Detrimental Circumstance, Deviant Mental and Emotional Behaviors, and Disharmonious Traditional Patterns of Expression and/or any sabotaging hidden DeleteriousAddiction and/or irritated Conditioning that may have ever been Detrimentally become Attached to and/or ever been Dramatically Generated by any of those stupid Dark curses. . .And Remember, hidden within all of those useless cast off curses are minion underling reptilian spirits of denial, dark angels andall those dark egotistical Luciferian archetype roles that have hated us and our Creator across all time.

Say this out loud: “I Call Forward the Sovereignty of my own Divinely Dedicated Discerning ‘True Self’ as I Cast Out all these Dark Detrimental Circumstances, Disharmonious Traditional Patterns of Mis-interpreted Love Expressionsand/or hiddenDeleterious Addictions, Deviant Mental and Emotional Behaviors, neuro-pathways, and thought forms based in DiscordantLuciferian Conditioning of failurealong with any remnant dark minion underling spirits of denial, dark angels andall those dastardly dark egotistical archetype roles attached and committed to repeatedly generating any of these Deep-seated dark curses and distinctly dark actions of any remnant conceited minion reptilian, warrior, warlock, warlord, kings, witches, bitches, hags, and queens, all associated remnant button pushing trigger mechanisms of those arrogant dark archetypes of minion sub-humans, dastardly d-men, sinister d-women, wanton-want-a-bees, hurtin-has-beens, torturing tormentors, residual resisters, master manipulators, terrible teasers,perpetual-pleasers, shadowed multi-dimensional-betweenees, menacing meandering marauders, and the gloomy backstabbing beyond-beyonders!”

E stands for Casting Out all EmbeddedEntropic Energy-bound Egotistical Emotional Elemental dark archetypical frequencies, thought forms, neuro pathways and all MentalEmanating Expectations of Failure, Lack and Limitation that have Ever been internally generated by or Externally attached to, any and all of these Emaciating dark cursed sabotaging circumstances, all ancient secret Egotistical contracts with darkness and Evil, all hidden Employed dark agendas, and all veiled mine fields of Emasculating dark opposition.

Say this out loud: “I rescind, release and Cast Out all the Embedded Essence of Energy-boundEgotisticalElementalEmotional Expression through Envious dark remnant minion archetype thought forms, neuro pathways, inflections, and meanings, Emitting Entropic Expectations of negativity, Failure, Lack and Limitationthat have Ever been generated by any of these Ego-bound considerations and circumstances, or that have Ever been attached to any of these Emerging dark Evil agendas, curses, contracts, promises and agreements with any and all wickedly Empowered condition or Extenuating context of dark opposition. I call forward all higher Emancipating frequencies required to raise all my dark stained energies of the past and welcome my Now and all Future Moments of Now expressed in Emotionally higher frequency feelings of love, peace, joy and harmony.

F stands for Calling Forward and Casting Out all the remnant Fear-basedMental and EmotionalFoundations; Ofalldarkarchetypes of conceitedsub-human; Luciferian,reptilian, warrior, warlock, warlord, kings, witches, bitches, hags and queens . . . Of allFlagrant dastardly d-men, sinister d-women, wanton-want-a-bees, hurtin-has-beens, torturing tormentors, residual resisters,master manipulators, terrible teasers,perpetual-pleasers, shadowed multidimensional; between-betweenees, menacing meandering marauders, and the gloomy backstabbing beyond-beyonders . . . All Foundations ofFear-based curses in Failure, and all FutureFail-safe systems that attempt to automatically reproduce any or all of those stupid Flatulent curses ofFear-basedFailure. . . Especiallyall egotistical religion-Fear-based Foundations of Failure whose true judgmental purpose is to suppress one’s Divine Free Will . . . In Any and All Future Moments of Now.

F also stands ForForgiveness of All the ForgottenFunFeelings we could not Find, because we were made to take these stupid Fear-based curses so seriously in the darkened ego of our past . . . So . . .We now Call Forward with all the Faith in Success required: All the Foundations of Forgotten Function andFun we have ever missed out on previously and . . . In This Very Moment of Now! . . .

Say this: “I Am Forever Faithfully Forgiven and Eternally Emotionally Functional in this most successful Moment of Now . . . I now Call Forward:All the Favorable Fun, All the Fantastic Joy, All the Flowering Love and All the Fabulous Excitement that I have ever Forgotten or missed out on previously, because of all these hidden remnant Foreboding Flatulent Luciferian dark archetypes and curses! I Further rescind, release and Cast-Out all religion-Fear-based Mental and Emotional Foundations of judgmental Failure, all Foundations of Future Fail-safe systems to the infinite level, and any Flaccid Fleeing saboteur ‘minion underling spirits of denial, dark angels and dark archetypes’ attached to them . . . From my ‘Self’ and my Former ego of the past!”

G stands for the Gratitude:Saint Germain says, “Gratitude is very often, the missing element to achieving what you desire. BeingGrateful, even before the fact, for what you are given. Gratitude before the fact is an element of Faith. “I Will Be Fulfilled! I Will Be!!!So It Is!” Loving God! Thanking God! Praising God! Being Grateful to God! It easily flows from a full heart. But if you’re not fully feeling these things, then check out the Gratitude. Expectation leads to disappointment. God owes I.” No, Beloved Masters . . .God has already given it ‘All’ to you. God doesn’t owe you anything. You owe it to your ‘Self’ to accept it. And Appreciation Greases the wheels of ‘Allowing’!Indeed!”

G, The Gratitude we have for God-Goddess All That Is with Whom We Now Call Forward to Bless All of Us with the Goodness of Understanding and Healing; Into wherever these dark foundations, roles, judgments, curses, and depressing expectations in limitation and lack were ever stored within or around us; To Graciously renovate us from within through Faith; To ‘Allow our Most Appropriate Actions’ of the Healing Return of this Living Earth, this Eden: To call forward and re-establish the Essence of a Healing Organic Eco-Dominion; To repair that which we have done under dark influences in ignorance and stupidity to our mutually wondrous home, The Creator’s favorite Garden; To establish a New World of Thought and Action that brings about change and healing of this, our mutual home, The Earth and this Our Universe that we share with all ofGod’s Creatures: Great and small . . . And you know there’s really no requirement to Go any further than that.

Accept that Saint Germain said, H stands for Hallelujah!He also said, “To make sure that what you’re laying in the ‘Foundation of your Abundance’ is . . .Willingness . . . Imagination . . . Passion . . . The Openness to Accept there is More . . . Even if you don’t know how . . . Get It! . . . When “I AM Rich, Now, in this Moment!” becomes a Truth: A Foundational ‘Understanding’ . . . A concept ‘Within You’ that you can own . . .You will live it . . . And not one moment before . . . And if you say “I AM rich, now, in this moment”, and then you spend the rest of the day worrying over your limitation. . . You are ‘not even close to Allowing. . . “I AM Rich!” . . . as your Truth . . .

Say this out loud: “In This Moment of Now I Call Forth the Blessings of the Foundation of Successful Abundance in Faithful Gratitude for our Creator, The Lord of ALL Existence, The I AM called by many Names, The I AM Alpha and Omega, The I AM the Beginning and the End:ELOHIM, HA-ELOHIM, YAHWEH ELOHIM, EL, ELAHA ILLAYA, LOGOS, AYAH-ASHER-AYAH, EHYEH-ASHER-EHYEH or The I AM THAT I AM, ALLAHA, The GREAT SPIRIT, SAT NAM, BRAHMAN, PAC NAM, YEHOWEH, YAHWEH, Y-W, YHWH, ILLIAM, GOD-GODDESS ALL THAT IS, ALL THE 99 SACRED NAMES OF ALLAH, and ALL THE 72 SACRED HEBREW NAMES OF GOD . . . IN THE UNSPOKEN NAME . . . IN THE UNWRITTEN NAME, Ad Infinitum; To ‘Heal with Grace and Goodness’ all the areas where any of these resentful hidden detrimental remnant dark cursed absences of mental and emotional consciousness were ever stored, and/or would ever be attempted to be replicated in any future Moment of This Now!”

To complete this first big removal, just say A B C D E F G” and give yourself a great big Whoosh with your Light Flamed Sabers . . . In this action alone, you should have removed about 80% (more or less) of all your old stored curses . . .“I told you this would be easy.” . . . The next 20% or so . . . Well, that’s a little harder to find and your very own personal assignment . . . You see, you hid them . . . So now, you have to dig them all up again. This is actually pretty easy when you get the hang of it. All you have to realize is that anything that bothers you about your life or anything that is repulsive in any aspect of life . . . That you may notice in the movies, or in the news, or wherever this feeling comes from: Realize: I probably did that and cursed my ‘Self’ to always run the same traditional pattern to do it again and again!”. . . So call forth all those curses associated with any surfacing feelings you feel: And then just say A B C D E F G” . . . And then Whoosh away all your associated stupid curses and dark archetypes . . . Do this every time you ever see anything that reminds you that ‘there’s a possible curse here’, and I mean every time you ever recognize some pattern of any possible curse or dark archetypes.

And guess where the hardest one’s to find are always hidden?!? . . . Just under our noses!!! . . . Right where we would never ever notice, can’t see, and not ever believe possible . . . Because these are our most cherished traditions of patterned actions and re-actions and they’re so absolutely natural for us to just act them out . . . Yet they have damaged us on such a continual basis . . . What and where are these hidden patterned dark archetypes faults?!? . . . Just ask some close friend or family member who has absolutely nothing to loose . . . They’ll tell you straight out . . . Or better than that . . . Just observe where you have issues with them: And right there you will find yours as well . . . Because that family member or friend is a God-granted perfect mirror with the built in ability to reflect right back to you what ever you won’t look to find in your ‘Self’.

The deepest and most hidden patterns of addictive dark ego boundcurses are generated in the area of “You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.” And these things are the ones that we really love (not) to mess with. Actually, these are behaviors that we ‘love to hate to love’ and ‘hate to love to hate’. They lie deep within us and they are the ones that we cling to as behaviors and patterns that take us into each life tied to that which held us so tightly in all the others before. (previous incarnations) These behaviors are the ones that repeat and repeat over and over again. So, why do we hold to these patterns so tightly?

See, some of these guys are hidden in an area where we may wish to pull them out and use them again later as a weapon in our own defense. (An Ace-in-the-hole) So you may wish to begin working at calling forward any and all patterned curses that you’re probably been most afraid of finding or especially loosing the use there of. One place to look for dark archetype actions, curses, minions, and spirits of denial is in the love of playing out these roles that the Archetypes represent . . . A dark queen or king is never satisfied . . . Yet their dark expectations drive us to achieve . . . But totally limit our ability to be satisfied in what we have been given in love and trust . . . We find fault. A dark witch or warlock manipulates, lies and steals from everyone and gets off on it . . . When you catch them, they turn on themselves and send out dark curses against all those they feel have hurt them somehow in being caught . . . They send them toward Clean Swept individuals who are perfect mirrors . . . Then they get blasted by their own evil! . . . And so will you if you act out these roles even in the deepest hidden recesses of your sub-conscious mind. So take a close look at your own causes and actions . . . They have immediate effect upon your life right now . . . Instant karma!

The deepest hidden irritations and most avoided part of this removal is when you get down to the very last 3% of the curse removals . . . These are perhaps the very hardest to dig out because they are so well hidden in our own guilt, pain, blame and shame and natural senses of usury. We also love these things about our own irritating dark weaponry. These were the tools of our dark trade. These were our only protections against each other and we thought ourselves . . . How wrong we were! We weren’t protected at all! We were set up for failure and we actually loved it in our own dark conditioning. This is when we know we are really getting close to our ‘All’ . . . It’s actually buried in absolute failure and constant irritations. We, with dark influences, heaped all this dark stored stuff on top of our ‘All’!

You know, since we cursed everything in all directions anyway, just consider it totally necessary to dig up all this dark stored stuff and cast it out all the time: Period! By the way, this may take you some time: Because they are buried in ‘seeking revenge’ upon and against all those who you have ever felt have somehow-sometimes ‘done you wrong’ even if you have ‘Totally Forgiven Them’ already in the Clean Sweep. You see, the dark conceited Luciferian archetype reptilian, warrior, warlock, warlord, kings, witches, bitches, hags and queens that hide there had nothing to do with you ever forgiving anyone . . . They’ve never forgiven you and they never will. Their last ditch efforts and ultimate resorts are to flood you with all kinds of irritations, stored anger, hatred and the ever lasting desire to avenge them for any insults they project within you . . . by the way, that’s the pattern they run . . . They also hate loosing any influence and power over you in any way . . . So, they throw everything they have at you when you get down to their very last hidden stronghold of survival, their last bastion of control over you. By the way, they seek revenge too . . . But not against anyone else: Just you. You see, we also cursed our ‘Selves’ against our ‘Selves’ if we ever got down this far in the curse removals . . . So do all your: A B C D E F G” . . . Then “Whoosh!” The last hidden ‘Alamo’ of their self-defense is to make you feel like you failed. When you get that far, you’re almost there . . . And always Remember . . . There are only a ‘finite’ number of hidden curses . . . And always hidden just behind those nasty curses . . . Is an ‘Infinite’ amount of Divine Light and Love!

By the way, did you notice that A B C D E F G”just happens to be the notes of the musical scale? . . . I asked Saint Germain if it would enhance the effect if this would be sung out loud. The answer was a resounding “Yes” with a resulting harmonizing of the ‘Self’ to the new way of thinking and existing with the Self’. Folks my age can remember the Nestles singing commercial jingle “N-E-S-T-L-E-S . . . Nestles make the very best . . . Chocolate” So just sing A B C D E F G” . . .“Whooshing makes me feel so free!” to the very same singsong rhyme.

And now we will address how to put this into action on a level that will bring forth great results in a very short time. Let’s look at the absolute worst possibility first . . . Then everything else will seem like no big problem. Remember in doing the Clean Sweep you called forth a huge stadium full of people who actually knew you throughout all of your lives. This is a very important consideration because this is first, your own very personal Safe Space where you can do some incredible work on your ‘Self’:

Now, go back into your envisioned Clean Sweep Stadium and say: “I call forward all the dark hidden sub-humans remnant role-playing archetypes of conceited reptilian, warrior, warlock, warlord, kings, witches, bitches, hags, and queens, and all those remnant associated role-playing dark minion arrogant archetypes of hurtin-has-beens, torturing tormentors, residual resisters, master manipulators, terrible teasers,wanton want-a-bees, perpetual pleasers, shadowed multidimensional-betweenees, menacing meandering marauders,and backstabbing beyond-beyonders who have ever had a desire to take revenge upon me at any time, and across all time. I wish to include all those role-playing-players that I have ever wished to seek retaliation against, whom ever I have had old vendettas with, fought any blood feuds with, or even had simple disputes or quarrels with . . . Come forward now!” The Stadium should be very full, very quickly of some very upset things and people.

Look into your group of some old familiar friends and say: “You have given me reasons to seek revenge upon you and yet I know that you also have sought revenge against me at some time in our pasts. We have played this game for far too long. Yet I have loved every moment of our lives together no matter how we treated each other in any time we were ever together . . . For I truly Love you and every aspect of Life I have ever lived: Unconditionally . . . And now I wish to be set free from this traditional dark archetype, sub-human has-been wanton-want-a-bees, between-betweenees, meandering marauders and beyond-beyonders pattern of revenge seeking. In the Clean Sweep, I forgave you and you forgave me. Let us all end these traditional remnant patterns now.”

All the half-truths and remnant laws of lack and limitation that I took from you and you reflected back to me as ‘Truth’ . . . I rescind, cast off and ‘Whoosh’ away in this Moment of Now!” (Whoosh your ‘Self’ now) . . . And now ask the gathered crowd: “Do you wish any of these half-truths and Ego bound limiting laws of lack back?” (They always yell out “NO!!!”)

Then sing A B C D E F G” . . .“Whooshing makes me feel so free!” And now ‘Whoosh your Self’.

Ask those in your stadium if they would like to be ‘Whooshed Free’ as well. They nearly always say “Yes!!!”

Sing A B C D E F G” . . .“Whooshing makes us feel so free!” And ‘Whoosh your entire stadium’ three times around clockwise while singing.

And now call forward anyone or anything that does not agree with any of these freeing procedures. Call them forward, right down in front of you, out from this stadium of freshly freed friends . . . And now ask them individually why they feel they would not wish to ‘Whoosh’? If they don’t answer, or just stare at you angrily, ask them if they are still locked up under the influence of dark angels and/or spirits of denial? . . . If they don’t speak out or if they agree in some way that they are darkly influenced, ask the rest of the stadium to pull out their swords and everyone prepare to ‘Whoosh’ this person or group all at once: Anyone that still refuses to let go of their anger and resentment, send them off to an angry ‘pity pit half-way house’ with all those recently cast off ‘half-truths and laws of lack’. . . That will keep them busy while you do more cleansing . . . I promise you, we will be looking back into them later.

Meanwhile, back to those who still wish to be cleared of dark angel influence: Now, have everyone in the Stadium sing the A B C D E F G” . . .“Whooshing makes us all feel free!” And you will see every sword blaze all those influenced hold outs with beautiful hues of Divine Light . . . That usually works just fine and the person or group usually joins the rest of those in the stadium, free and clear.

Next comes the slightly harder part: Let’s call forward all the people who have ever sought revenge against you in any life you have ever lived . . . That have vendetta’s, seek retaliation, fought blood feuds, or just plain argued with you over anything. Quite a different group of folks isn’t it? Some people actually feel them growling . . . But remember this is your Safe Space. . . They can’t hurt you here. So, these newly called forward folks have a grudge against you for something you did to them . . . This is a horse of a slightly different color . . . It has been said that we all have to face our fears fearlessly and this is one of those great times to do just that.

Let’s all begin by communicating to them with this message: “Obviously I have given you many reasons for you to seek revenge upon me and yet I know that I also have sought revenge against you at some time in our myriads of past lives. I think that we have played this game for far too long. Yet I know that I have loved every moment of our lives together no matter how we treated each other in any time we were ever together . . . And I truly Love each and everyone of you: Unconditionally . . . But now I wish to be set free from this traditional pattern of revenge seeking, even though it is you who seeks revenge against me. In the Clean Sweep, I forgave you and I thought that you had forgiven me. I see that some how we are still locked into this revenge seeking cycle. I have already forgiven all those that I have ever sought revenge against . . . Could you feel the same in your hearts to forgive me as well? I wish to forgive and set you free . . . Let us all end this now . . . Shall we?!?”

All the half-truths and laws of lack and limitation that I ever took from you and you reflected back to me as the ‘Truth’ or visa-versa . . . I rescind and cast off! . . . I ‘Whoosh’ them away in this Moment of Now! (Whoosh your Self). . . Now say: “Do you wish them back?” (They nearly always scream back, “NO!!!”)

Then sing A B C D E F G” . . .“Whooshing makes me feel so free!” And then ‘Whoosh your Self’.

Ask those in your stadium if they would like to be ‘Whooshed Free’ as well. They nearly always say, “Yes!!!”

Sing A B C D E F G” . . .“Whooshing makes us all feel free!” And ‘Whoosh your entire stadium’ three times around clockwise.

Now we have to call forward anyone that does not agree with this procedure in some way. Call them forward individually. Ask each of them why they feel they would not wish to ‘Whoosh’? If they do not answer, ask them if they are under the influence of dark angels and/or spirits of denial? . . . If they don’t speak out or if they agree in some way that they are influenced, ask the rest of the stadium who has forgiven you to pull out their swords and everyone ‘Whoosh’ this person free all at once:

Sing A B C D E F G” . . .“Whooshing makes us all feel free!” And you will see every sword blaze them with beautiful Divine Light . . . That usually works just fine and the person joins the rest of those in the stadium free and clear. But every now and then, someone flat refuses to get ‘whooshed’ . . . Send them off to that angry ‘collective Clean Sweepers pity party half-way house’ with all those newly cast off ‘half-truths and laws of lack’ . . . leave them all there for a while. (Long enough until they wish to be set free as well.)

So, are you seeing a pattern in this form of instant healing change? You can apply all this technology to any situation or circumstance in your life. You may even wish to call forward everything that blocks you from receiving your ‘All’. That request will bring forth a tremendous amount to deal with, let me tell you . . .And Remember: You can’t just do this procedure to ‘everything that there is’ all at once . . . I only wish it was that easy . . . You will have to take your own life apart and remove all your own interferences your ‘Self’. Here are some examples of areas that you may wish to call forward for processing: All curses, saboteurs, blocks, laws of lack and limitation and interferences to receiving your ‘All of Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Time to Enjoy it’ . . . Only one topic at a time I might add. Be sure to add any new dissenters to the ‘collective Clean Sweepers pity party half-way house’

Now, let’s go back into your envisioned Clean Sweep Stadium and say: “I call forward the EGO, INNER CHILD, AND BOTH ANDROGENOUS HALVES OF MY SPIRITUAL BEING of ‘Say your complete name’ . . . Ask your ego if it knows where there are any newly exposed dark angels, dark roles, archetypes, associated sub-humans hurtin-has-beens, torturing tormentors, residual resisters, master manipulators, terrible teasers,wanton-want-a-bees, shadowed multidimensional-betweenees, menacing meandering marauders, and backstabbing beyond-beyonders and/or any accompanying remnant curses ready to be cast off . . . (It always knows where everything is hidden)

Ask it to simply identify those associated ancient hidden dark angels or other dark things that have ever had a desire to take revenge upon you for setting your ‘Self’ free at any time, across all time. Ask it to also include all those that called forth any accoutrements and mine-fields of dark opposition, or those that have ever sought retaliation against you, that have had old vendettas with you, or even had simple disputes or quarrels with you as you sought to be set free . . . Tell your ego to make them come forward now!”(All it has to do is identify them) The Stadium should be very quickly full of very nasty dark shadowy conceited things like sub-humans, Luciferian remnants, dark angels, spirits of denial, arrogant minions of darkness, d-men, d-women, hurtin-has-beens, torturing tormentors, residual resisters,master manipulators, terrible teasers, wanton-want-a-bees, perpetual-pleasers, (multidimensional) shadowed-betweenees, menacing meandering marauders, backstabbing beyond-beyonders, ancient dark minion reptilian, dark archetypes of warrior, warlock, warlord, kings, witches, bitches, hags and queens!

Tell them that you now understand the nature of the dark side . . . That you no longer wish them harm nor do you hate them for their actions because according to the Bible, ‘they had a job to do . . . To temper the Human Soul’ and that you now know and ‘Understand’ that job has been accomplished . . . You simply no longer wish their accompaniment in any fashion and you merely wish to release them to the Angels of the I AM that I Am for their further learning, processing and healing.

Say this to them: “I have loved every moment of life, and even together with you, no matter how we treated each other in any time we were ever together . . . For I Truly Love even you minions of darkness and every other aspect of Life I have ever lived: Unconditionally.”

Then sing A B C D E F G” . . .“Whooshing makes us all feel so free!” And now ‘Whoosh your Self’. Just by saying that you ‘Love Unconditionally’, there was a mass exodus of dark trash. This may have to be done several times a week for quite a while because there is usually a lot of that dark trash heaped upon the ‘Divine Light Within’ you.

Now, for the deepest repair of the most precious part of our own Inner Spiritual Being, our own Inner Child: I found this part to be most disturbing . . . We have all assaulted ourselves and others in so many ways and this has to be revealed and healed . . . I found these really horrible dark Luciferian remnant monster-like-characters (conceited minion sub-humans, reptilian, warrior, warlock, warlord, kings, witches, bitches, hags, and queens, along with arrogant multidimensional associated dastardly D-men, sinister D-women, wanton-want-a-bees, hurting has-beens, torturing tormentors, residual resisters,master manipulators, terrible teasers,perpetual-pleasers, shadowed betweenees, menacing meandering marauders, and the gloomy backstabbing beyond-beyonders) totally abusing my own Inner Child . . . In all manners and fashions . . . And I mean ‘all manners and fashions’ . . . I dug this up first in the research of the cleansing of the ego but I saved it until now to expose it to you . . . When I discovered this phenomenon, I immediately cast out all these dark monster-like-characters. Then, nearly all the Clean Swept Clients I was seeing at that time became emotionally devastated. It took us several months of research to figure out what to do to bring this into an appropriate balance and understanding. You see, I found that the Inner Childonly knew its captors and punishers . . . Thus, it loved them. This psychological condition causes the inner childvictim to begin to love and defend its dark captors. This form of bonded-love is developed because there are no other types of role models to exemplify for the ego and inner child, accept these nasty dark ones. This love-condition is known in mental health science as capture-bonding or more commonly, the Stockholm syndrome. The following definitions are according to modern medical terminology:

The Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in a hostage, in which the hostage exhibits loyalty to the hostage-taker, in spite of the danger (or at least risk) in which the hostage has been placed. Stockholm syndrome is also sometimes discussed in reference to other situations with similar tensions, such as battered person syndrome, child abuse cases, and bride kidnapping.

An offshoot of the Stockholm syndrome is the aptly-used term capture-bonding defined as a bond that in some instances develops between captor and captive. The term is modeled on the Swedish woman who became so attached to one of the bank robbers who held her hostage that she broke her engagement to her former lover and remained bonded, or in bondage, to her former captor while he served time in prison

Modern mental health practitioners have attempted to relate to these aspects of the total ‘Self’, but actually to no avail. Medical science has only allowed them to be referred to as distant parts of us that few have ever attempted to define but many have tried to heal. Therefore, when this aspect of the ‘Self’ was open for my inspection, there were no guidelines I knew of to help me. I had to do Readings with my most sensitive clients listening to their own inner child while Saint Germain or I asked them questions. We were seeking deeper clarity and understanding of just how the ego and inner child works within us. Basically, I was hit or miss, while Saint Germain was more motivated to ask with intent to get me to learn more. After months of treatments and exploration, we came to some very simple solutions to a very complicated inner personality.

Say this: “I call forward the abused Inner Child of ‘Say your complete name’ . . . Into my stadium now.” Standing before you is the battered child we once were in nearly every life time we ever lived . . . The same Child we have all wished to protect but really never knew how to get to . . . For this Wounded Child was entirely hidden from our view . . . And it constantly cried out for help in a silent and dark place within us with no-one to answer but us . . . A victim of the darkside hold of ‘power-over’ our very own dark ego . . . And unfortunately, we could not answer for that Child until now. So, Right Now is our opportunity to heal the Wounded Child and finally welcome it home again . . . Say unto your ‘Self’, your own ‘Inner Child Self’ “I really, really Love You Unconditionally, and I apologize for having to wait for so long to find you in this abhor-able condition. Therefore, I merge my Adult Understanding with your Child-of-Innocence so that you can have ‘comprehensive perception and observation’ that you have not been able to access before.”(An Instant Education of the Highest Form!)

I now call forward anything or anyone who has ever harmed or injured my Inner Child in any way, shape or form.” Your stadium should be full of dark things and lots of people . . . Let’s begin this release by communicating to all of them: “Obviously there are many reasons for you to harm my Inner Child . . . Especially like trying to keep my ego always under your control and/or perhaps because I may have acted out inappropriately in some ancient dark roll playing situation against you at some time in our myriads of past lives and times together. Now I think that we have played this dark hidden internal game for far too long. Yet I know that I, my Ego ‘Self’ and my Inner Child have all loved every moment of our lives and times together no matter how we treated each other in any time we were ever together . . . And I truly Love you and especially Life, even with each and everyone of you in it: Unconditionally . . . (And out goes the big bad dark guys on that one) . . . But now I wish to help set my Ego, my Inner Child, my Androgynous Spiritual Self, and all of you: Free from this traditional pattern of harming each other into even darker places.

Then first sing for your own Ego, Inner Child, and:A B C D E F G” . . .“Whooshing makes us feel so free!” And now slowly and with much feeling: ‘Whoosh your ‘ Androgynous Self’, Ego and Inner Child’ again. (You may wish to do this several times slowly to really feel the cleansing) Just by saying that you ‘Love your own Inner Child Unconditionally’ . . . Immediately, it will begin to be healed and on it’s way to be completely restored . . . The Child Self is a part of your Androgynous Spiritual Self and your personal Ego. Understand, that part was held hostage against it’s will to keep the dark ego as a constant hostage servant and hidden dark weapon against us . . . You may wish to ‘Whoosh’ several times just to bring your whole ‘Self’ back to it’s former glorious child-like innocent condition . . . Perhaps all aspects of your ‘Self’ can now work together as one again . . .

Now comes the latest lesson I learned from having to do many Inner Child Cleansings: Those things that we love, hate, love to hate, hate to love, love to hate to love, and hate to love to hate are stored in our hearts. No matter how many times I ‘Whooshed My Self’ it always eventually came back to me again . . . dark. After days of attempted removals, I finally gave up trying to cleans my self. In utter exhaustion, I exclaimed, “Would someone please Whoosh all this dark crap out of me!!!” And with a big Ka-Boom!!! The dark stuff went flying out like crazy . . .

Finally! Something worked with Divine Authority and it was permanent. I immediately called forth the ones that ‘Whooshed Me’. They were; All the Beloved Angels of the I AM that I Am, All those that were already Clean Swept in the forms of All the Kingdoms of the Earth Bound, All the Ascended Masters and so many more Higher Selves who had Clean Sweeps in all those stadiums that are literally ‘Invested in All of Us’ getting to our ‘All’ of Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Time to Enjoy it!

So, you just might like to say after each time you personally ‘Whoosh your Self’, “Would Someone Please Whoosh me Free from all the above mentioned dark minion stuff Now!” Or you might say, “Would Someone Please Whoosh; this home, building, area or stadium Free of all this dark minion stuff Now!” Or you could say, “Would someone please Whoosh this area and everyone in it!” And to add some real power to the event, “Would someone please Whoosh this World and everyone in it!”

And now back to all those people still left in your stadium: “All the half-truths and laws of lack and limitation that I ever took from you and you reflected back to me as the adulterated ‘Truth’ and/or visa-versa . . . I now rescind and cast them off and out of my newly formed Whole ‘Self’! . . . By the Power and Grace of the Holy Name of God, I ‘Whoosh’ them all away in this very Moment of Now!

Then sing A B C D E F G” . . .“Whooshing makes my Whole ‘Self’ feel so free!” And then again ‘Whoosh your Self’. (You can Whoosh yourself a lot doing this particular cleansing . . . It’s really necessary) Or you might say, “Would Someone Please Whoosh me, this World and everyone in it Free of all this dark minion stuff Now!”

(Whoosh your Self again). . . Now say: “Do any of you wish these half-truths and laws of lack and limitation to remain attached to you?” (Again: They nearly always scream back, “NO!!!” The rest can go to thecollective Clean Sweepers pity party) Ask those left in your stadium if they would like to be ‘Whooshed Free’ as well. They nearly always say, “Yes!!!” Don’t forget to send anyone in disagreement to the ‘pity party’ . . .

Sing A B C D E F G” . . .“Whooshing makes us all feel free!” while you‘Whoosh your entire stadium’ three or more times around clockwise to get out all traces of hidden darkness. And you are now complete to some degree . . . Or you might say, “Would Someone Please Whoosh; this entire stadium Free of all this dark minion stuff Now!” It’s just that you have been given the details of several ways this ‘Self Cleansing’ can be performed to benefit you . . . In the same vein, you now have to continue on your own from this point forward . . .

By the way, this is really a great time for you to get re-acquainted with that beautifully healed Inner Child for it really knows how to play, but has been held back in some dark dungeon for so long. Think about how you loved to play adult roles when you were a kid . . . This Child did too! . . . Only they were dark roles of torture, blame, shame, and pain. So ask the Inner Child and the newly cleared Ego Adult to merge together again as one. When they come together, Whoosh them several more times just to clear out any remaining darkness bound to them in any way. Ask your restored and completed Ego and Inner Child, “Do you serve me as I serve my Creator, my Source, the Great Spirit, the I Am that I Am?” If they hesitate any at all, or say “Sort of” . . . You haven’t cleared out all the dark stuff you have hidden within your ‘Self’ and/or directly connected to the Inner Child/Ego itself. You have some more work to do on getting your ‘Self’ clear. Or you might say, “Would Someone Please Whoosh; this Ego, Inner Child, Androgynous Self, this World and everyone in it Free of all this dark minion stuff Now!”

By the Power and Grace of the Holy Name of God” . . .I call forward anything that still has any dark influence upon my Inner Child/Ego, or any that has somehow been hidden from my Androgynous ‘Self’ across all time, into my stadium right now!”. . . Go through the above cleansing procedures again: Call forward anything that blocks the Ego from existing in a totally cleansed condition: This includes any of those before mentioned dark personality archetypes that have been hidden in any way in some failsafe-ace-in-the-hole you may think you can’t live without (This happens a lot too). . . Speak to your Inner Child/Ego . . . Find out why it held back this minion of darkness, then fix it. Whoosh your ‘Self’ free of this and any further involvement with the darkness over and over again until the Inner Child/Ego is restored to a brilliant light being, smiling and ready to move on in your search for other hidden darkness within . . .

Ask again, “Do you serve me as I serve my Creator, my Source, the Great Spirit the I AM That I AM?” If the answer is “Yes!” . . . You may temporarily move on in peace. You are now basically clear and the Ego has become an actual assistant (a tool) in your further ‘Self’ examination and exploration. Remember: You may have to do this exercise many times in the future, for I have seen so many hidden things kept in secret storage in the Inner Child, later surface as a direct dark influence, that I know you have a lot more work to do . . . So cleanse your ‘Self’ over and over again! . . . If you are having trouble with this cleansings just say this, “Would someone please Whoosh all this dark crap out of me, this World and everyone in it!!!”

Remember: No one else can do this for you, and basically, you have all the tools now to complete the job for your ‘Self’. . . Hmm!?! . . . How about sharing the load? . . . Call forth your Inner Child and show he or she that they actually have their own set of Light Sabers . . . Give your own Inner Childthe chance to chase those bad guys that chased them for so many life times . . . You won’t believe how happy that kid can be when they get to wield those swords!

Did you ever wonder why all those psychiatrists who worked on the Inner Child without much success in all their efforts, just sort of gave up and then just put people on mind altering drugs? Perhaps it’s because they could not actually get beyond their own ever-present dark barrier of self-denial and dark ego judgment to heal anyone’s Inner Child?

That mind altering stuff reminds me: At some time in your near future, you will probably be called upon to ‘Allow’ forward from this ‘collective Clean Sweepers pity party’, all those that ‘now’ truly wish to be set free . . . Remember this included any or all of those that wished you harm or sought revenge against you in some previous times . . . Call those whom wish to be set free forward individually, and do some or all the above procedures with them again. Ask them if your Karma was completed with them . . .(Usually it is) And then, if necessary, make some appealing promises to them (that you will definitely keep in the future) about your own future adventures that they may relieve the locked-in wishes of retribution and revenge seeking. Then ‘Whoosh’ them clean and clear. You might say, “Would Someone Please Whoosh these friends Free of all this dark minion stuff Now!” They will automatically join all those in your freed-up stadium. “Would Someone Please Whoosh this stadium of friends Free of all this dark stuff Now!”

At any time in any procedure, any of those new found true-freedom-seekers who wish to be set free but still hold a Karmic grudge or a desire for revenge: You can call them individually right down in front of you . . . Ask any of them why they still seek or at one time sought revenge . . . They will usually give you some incredible information about what you had done to them to deserve such long lasting hatred. They’ll some times tell you what’s going on and usually why they held you in contempt for so long . . . You may even find some patterns about your life now previously un-noticed . . . This grants a measure of Understanding that we all require knowing about our ‘Selves’ . . . This also helps in the on going healing so much . . .

Ask them if you have any of that negative Karma left over within them . . . If there is any Karma involved . . . Then try to resolve this your ‘Self’ and provide what ever they require . . . If they are still involved with dark angels and somehow continue to wish you harm . . . Ask them if they truly wish to be set free or not . . . If they really do, ask them to stand by . . . Call forward all those folks you recently freed-up in all your ‘stadiums of revenge seekers or laws of lack givers’ . . . Ask all of them all to come forward now . . . Tell them all to pull out their own swords, and all together, you can ‘Whoosh’ away these dark minion angels and spirits of denial from these new freedom seekers . . . This may not change the karma involved here, but it sure won’t hurt . . . It may at least put some good feelings back into their hearts about you when they get free . . . If not, just send them back to the Clean Sweepers’pity party . . . Everything will eventually work out anyway.

Do you see the opportunity that exists here? You can apply the above technology to any cursed situation in all of your past history and fix it within you without much effort . . . And think of all that you will learn about your ‘Self’ along the way! All you have to do is find the curse, identify it, understand it’s nature, and go through the above processing to get rid of the effects it has or had upon and within you.

Well, so far you have said some mighty big words and implemented them into the Laws that Govern this Universe: You have just made some very powerful requests and cast out some very powerful reasons why you usually won’t ‘Allow’ what you desire. The changes you called forth are actually happening to you as you read these words. But they are literally only words . . .Without you living them . . . And as you have said them in this Moment of Now . . . When any event of any aspect of these ‘habitually run patterns’ of previously removed curses ever reveals or exposes itself to you again, just give it another A B C D E F G” . . . Then Whoosh that ‘surfaced residual part’ away too. Believe me, this is a really powerful on-going home-love-assignment . . .(It’s an assignment, but it’s definitely not home-work.) You might just find a lot of your still hanging on to fear-based resistance . . . So get rid of it Now, “Would Someone Please Whoosh this ‘old ego of the past’ Free of all this dark fear-based resistance Now!”

One more thing! To achieve mental/emotional balance and clear things out quickly, the removal of any denial entity or even a consciousness of what-ever is an all inclusive necessity. The very word ‘consciousness’ in this context now refers to all possible judgments, curses, all the basic dark foundations, all the many levels and all the deepest dimensions of what-ever it is you identify to be removed in your Whoosh. There is always a ‘denial entity attached’ to any negative or dark consciousness. The key here is to remove all of something, all at once, but only after you have totally identified it very clearly. You see, the Universe will always respond to your requests . . . But only if it is clear in that request in exactly what it is supposed to do for you. To come to some deeper understanding, we are required to identify what you are removing from the dark mind . . . Identify first, process, then Whoosh! “Would Someone Please Whoosh this ‘entire World and everyone in it, in every nook and cranny’ Free of all this dark fear-based stuff Now!” Maybe this one should be said a lot in our collective futures . . . Don’t cha think?!?

From Google/Wikipedia definitions:

Structure of Mind: Freud’s Id, Ego, & Superego

Freud came to see personality as having three aspects, which work together to produce all of our complex behaviors: the Id, the Ego and the Superego.  All 3 components need to be well-balanced in order to have good amount of psychological energy available and to have reasonable mental health.

However, the Ego has a difficult time dealing with the competing demands of the Superego and the Id.  According to the psychoanalytic view, this psychological conflict is an intrinsic and pervasive part of human experience.  The conflict between the Id and Superego, negotiated by the Ego, is one of the fundamental psychological battles all people face.  The way in which a person characteristically resolves the instant gratification vs. longer-term reward dilemma in many ways comes to reflect on their “character”.

THE ID (“It”): functions in the irrational and emotionalpart of the mind. At birth a baby’s mind is all Idwant – want – want.  The Id is the primitive mind. It contains all the basic needs and feelings. It is the source for libido (psychic energy). And it has only one rule –> the “pleasure principle”: “I want it and I want it all now”.  In transactional analysis, Id equates to “Child”. 

Id too strong = bound up in self-gratification and uncaring to others . . .

THE EGO: (“I”): functions with the rational part of the mind. The Ego develops out of growing awareness that you can’t always get what you want. The Ego relates to the real world and operates via the “reality principle”.  The Ego realizes the need for compromise and negotiates between the Id and the Superego.  The Ego’s job is to get the Id’s pleasures but to be reasonable and bear the long-term consequences in mind.  The Ego denies both instant gratification and pious delaying of gratification.  The term ego-strength is the term used to refer to how well the ego copes with these conflicting forces.  To undertake its work of planning, thinking and controlling the Id, the Ego uses some of the Id’s libidinal energy.  In transactional analysis, Ego equates to “Adult”. 

Ego too strong = extremely rational and efficient, but cold, boring and distant . . .

THE SUPEREGO (“Over-I”): The Superego is the last part of the mind to develop.  It might be called the moral part of the mind. The Superego becomes an embodiment of parental and societal values. It stores and enforces rules. It constantly strives for perfection, even though this perfection ideal may be quite far from reality or possibility.  Its power to enforce rules comes from its ability to create anxiety.

The Superego has two subsystems: Ego Ideal and Conscience. The Ego Ideal provides rules for good behavior, and standards of excellence towards which the Ego must strive. The Ego Ideal is basically what the child’s parents approve of or value. The Conscience is the rules about what constitutes bad behavior. The Conscience is basically all those things that the child feels mum or dad will disapprove of or punish.

Superego too strong = feels guilty all the time, may even have an insufferably-saintly . . .

Here are just some of the examples of Consciousness Removals that have been sent to me from other Clean Sweepers that have recorded their own hidden removals before they were detached and forgotten. You see, after any consciousness removals, the neuropath-ways and thought forms they were stored in are somehow removed, forgotten, over and done. Removal of any dark negative consciousness will balance your internal being and ‘Allow your Higher Self or Eternal Soul Self’ to eventually come through you naturally again. Just say:

I release setting myself up for future failures by the removal of any mechanistic remnant consciousness based on present or past disappointments in both myself and others . . . By releasing all remnant mechanisms of dark negative thought forms and posturing . . . Therefore I call forward and cast out the consciousness of; (to be processed and released individually or in small groups of common consciousnesses as noted in the above patterned example removals’)


THE DENIAL ENTITIES AND CONCIOUSNESS OF MISCELLANEOUS EMOTIONAL BELIEFS: Being controlled by others, Allowing others to control my thoughts, Allowing others to block my all, Blaming myself for allowing others to control me, Surrendering my Free Will to others, Being a conduit of remnant reptilian and other multi-dimensional minion trash, Blaming myself for being powerless, Shame at being powerless, Punish myself for being powerless, Shame at only being motivated by crisis, All blocks to my being able to thrive, Shame at not taking personal responsibility for the condition of my life, Don’t deserve to say what I feel, Don’t deserve to be heard, Don’t deserve to be seen, Don’t deserve to live, Don’t deserve to love and be loved, Not good enough, God doesn’t love me because I’m bad, Not safe on planet earth, Not safe on any planet, Not safe to be alive, Fear of standing up for myself, Fear of annihilation, Fear of annihilation by sub-humans shadowed betweenees,menacing meandering marauders, beyond beyonders, or by God or by my own beliefs, Fear of having my ALL, Fear of my own Free Will, Fear of change, Fear of being out of comfort zone, Fear of fundamental change, Fear of chaos, Allowing beyonders or fourth dimensional beings to control my thoughts and emotions, Genetic influences (believing in heredity) Being denied by God, Confusion between Beyonders and God, I am bad, Shame of being bad, Don’t deserve better than what I currently have, Change is death, Making excuses . . .

A perpetual condition of pervert-ably loving a toxic life style in an attempt to support or commit world-wide-suicide (A collective Ace-in-the-hole, played when finally one just gives up to hidden darkness), repression, oppression, compression, Abandonment, Aberrant behavior, Abdicate responsibility, Abnormal, Abrasive, Abreaction (purging of emotional tensions), Abusive, Accidents, Acrimony (Bitter, harsh, or biting sharpness, as of language, disposition, or manners), Addictions (As in pervert-ably-loving detrimental behaviors that either harm the self or society and deeply hiding them within the self), Aggressions, Agony, Alcoholism, Alienation, Anger, Annihilation, Annoyance, Anxiety, Apocrypha, as in apocryphal (Of questionable authorship or authenticity, Erroneous, fictitious), Arrogance, Artifice, Atrophy, Attachments, Attachment to being Attacked like a perpetual victim, Avarice (dark greediness after wealth; covetousness), Avoidance . . .

Being bad, Being a loser, a slut, Being Ignored, Being lost in hidden childhood pain, Betrayal, Bitterness, (hidden in a toxic gallbladder), Blame, Blindness, Boredom, Boundaries, Breakdown, Carelessness, Chaos, Cellular memories, Clumsiness, Compassionless, Competition, Compulsion, Compromise, Comfort level (not going beyond), Communism, Conceit, Concern, Conditional Love, Confinement, Conflagration (conflict, war), Confusion, Congestion, Conjecture, Conservative, Conspiracy, Constant duality, Constriction, Contempt, Contraction, Control, Cosmic rage and anger, Cowardice, Crappy, Craziness, Creating by default, Crime, Criticism, Crudeness, Cursed, Cynicism, Damage, Danger, Darkness, Death, Debt, Debilitation, Decay, Deceit, Deception, Decompose, Defensiveness, Defiance, Degeneration, Degradation, Deleterious effects, Denial (both denying yourself of what you desire and denying that a problem even exists) Denigration, Dependency, Depression, Derision (contemptuous or jeering laughter; ridicule), Deserve, Despair, Despondency, Destruction, Devastation, Difficulty, Dirty, Disaffected, Disallowing, Disarray, Disaster, Disbelief, Disempowerment, Discomfort, Discontent, Discord, Discouragement, Disempowerment, Disdain or contempt, Disease, Disenchantment, Disgruntled, Disgust, Disharmony, Dishonesty, Disjointed, Dislocation, Disloyalty, Dismay, Disorder, Disorganization, Disorientation, Displeasure, Despair, Disregard, Disrepair, Disrespect, Disruption, Dissatisfaction, Distaste, Distortion (a distorted state of BE-ing), Distress, Distrust, Disturbance, Divorce, Doubt, Domination, Drama, Duality, Dullness . . .

Eccentricity, Ecclesiastical attitudes and beliefs, Elimination, Embarrassment, Emotional Instability & disturbance, Emptiness, Enmity (antagonist hostility), Entrapment, Entropy (disruptive interrelationship of various parts of the ego, id, super-ego, personality, or psyche), Escape, Evil, Exhibitionism, Exposed, Exhaustion, Extremism, Fascism, Falseness (fake, ploy, phony, actor), False pride, Fatal, Fatigue, Fear, Fight or flight, Fixation, Forgetfulness, Frustration, Gall, General negativity, Genetic memories, Greed, Grief, Habits, Half-heartedness, Harshness, Hassle, Hate/Hatefulness, Heartbreak, Heartless, Heart scars, Hostility, Humiliation, Hurt, Hypertension, Hyper-vigilance, Hypocrisy, Illness, Illusion, Imbalance, Imbalanced life style, Impossible, Impressionable, Imprisonment, Impulsiveness, Inaction, Incompatibility, Incompleteness, Incompetence, Incongruity/incongruence, Inconsiderate, Indifference, Inequality, Infatuation, Inferiority, Infidelity, Inflexibility, Injury, Injustice, Insanity, Insensitivity, Internment, Intimidation, Intolerance, Invisibility, Irrationality, Irresponsibility, Irritability, Isolation . . .

Jealousy, Jingoism (a hawkish bullying political stance), Judgments, Negative Karma, Lack, Lack of clarity, Lack of conscience, Lack of integrity, Lack of motivation, , Lack of respect, Lack of self-confidence, Lack of self-control, Lack of support, Lack of trust, Laziness, Left “high and dry”, Lethargy (indolence, exhaustion, weariness) Limitation, Limited perceptions, Listlessness, Longing, Loser (being a), Loyalty (inappropriate), Malcontent, Malodorous, (stinking, scented) Malevolent, Martyrdom, Masochism, Mayhem, Meanness, Mediocrity Memory Loss, Mental Disturbance & Illness, Miscreant, Miserly, Misery, Misjudgment, Mistakes, Mistreatment, Misunderstanding, Money, Mortality, Moving backwards, Murder, Narcissism, Nationalism, Nausea, Neediness, Need to learn lessons, Negativity, Noisiness, Non-acceptance, Non-support, Not belonging, Not moving forward, Not safe on planet earth, Noxious, Oblivion, Obnoxious, Obsequious, Obsession, Obstacles, Obstinacy (stubbornness, pigheadedness) Obtuseness like stupidity, Oppression, Overload, Overspending, Overweight, Overwhelm . . .

Pain, Pall/pallor, Paranoia, Parental laws of lack and limitation, Passionless, Patterns (stuck in the same), Pedophilia, Penurious (impoverished, indigent, needy), Perfection (need for), Perniciousness (Tending to cause death or serious injury; deadly like a pernicious virus; causing great harm; destructive), Perversion, Perversions of Love, Pestilence, Pillage, Physical pain, Plagiarism (copying, breach of copyright, stealing) Playing it safe, Plunder, Phantom memories (emotional blocks), Poor self-esteem, Poverty, Powerlessness, Power struggle, Prejudice, Primordial pain and unworthiness, Problems, Procrastination, Prostitution, Punishment, Quitting, Rage, Rape, Reaction, Regression, Regret, Remorse, Repression, Repulsion, Resentment, Resistance, Requirement of upheaval-conflict-contradiction, Revenge, Revulsion, Righteousness (attitude based in judgment), Rudeness, Ruin, Sabotage, Satisfied with less than what I desire/request/require/deserve, Sadness, Scarcity, Scared, Scarred. Scumbag, Self-deception, Self-condemnation, Self-doubt, Self-flagellation (punish or impel as if by whipping), Self-hatred, Self- immolation (suicide by immolation, notably as an extreme form of protest, pulling an Ace-in-the-hole), Self-importance, Selfishness, Self-loathing, Self-pity, Self-punishment, Self-sacrifice, Self-victimization, Separateness, Separation, Shame, Shock, Sickness, Sin, Slavery, Socialism, Stagnation, Standing still, Static emotions, Status quo, Stinginess, Stress, Stuck, Struggle, Stupidity, Subterfuge by trick or ploy, Surrender to a more powerful will, Suicide (ultimate self-sacrifice)

. . .

Taken advantage of, Tension, Terrorism, Thoughtlessness, Tiredness, Torture, Toxic Relationships, Toxic Sex, Toxins, (all other forms of toxicity like chemical-mental-emotional toxins, rage hidden in a toxic liver or ileocaecal valve, or holding on to toxic thought patterns in the kidney area), Tragedy, Trauma, Travesty, Turmoil, Ugliness, Unaffectionate, Unappreciated, Unattainable, Uncertainty, Uncharitable, Unconfident, Unconscious (being), Ungratefulness, Uncontrollable, Undeserving, Unfairness, Unfocused, Ungratefulness, Unhappiness, Unhealthy, Unkempt, Unkind, Unlucky, Unsatisfied, Un-scrupled, Unsupported, Untrustworthy, Unworthiness, Vanity, Viciousness, Victimization, Vilification, Vindictiveness, Violence, Void, Vows, Vows of despair, Waiting, War, Weakness, Weirdness, Wishful thinking, World War II Holocaust, Wounding . . .

All creating by default: ‘pain, blame, shame and punishment’ personified as mental illness, emotional disturbance, and addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, with side effects of other addictive life styles: In condemnation and judgment of the ‘Self’, Control of others, Creating a reactionary life, Always wanting/needing to be perfect, Intermittent negativity, Chronic or associated want/need to be in pain or illness in desire of sympathy love, oppression, detrimental eccentricity . . . All through the Consciousness of wo-po-pity-po-me based in programs of low self-confidence, esteem, worthiness creating self-hatred and self-loathing . . . And any and all of these blocking the attainment of Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Time to enjoy it, hidden within the Divine Blueprint. “Would Someone Please Whoosh my Ego, Inner Child, Androgynous Self, and this Entire World Free of all this dark minion Luciferian stuff Now!”

You can see that the list actually goes on and on . . . Do these removals first and others of your own will surface for you to identify, remove and whoosh out . . . Because literally everyone has them and now you have to dig up your very own list of personal detriments . . .

By the way, I hope you have realized that most of these habitually run patterns of curses are totally hidden, because we’re just too ashamed to go dig them up. And we absolutely have to dig them up . . . After all: This is your life . . . And you actually buried all this stuff . . . Now you get to dig them all up and throw them all out . . . And remember: No one else can do this for you. All these curses were buried in ancient times with total guilt, blame, shame, pain & punishment but today, they represent so little when we actually get to look at ‘whatever’ they were so blamed and shamed about . . . I.E. The Scarlet Letter . . . Most things that were once taken so righteously & religiously serious: Today: Actually mean next to nothing at all . . . So get over it!

A true secret to success in this cleansing: “I Now call forward my ‘Divine Inheritance of the All’ . . . Of Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Time to Enjoy It . . . I further call forward all that blocks my ‘All’ Now, in this Moment of Now . . . For these blocks no longer serve me and I no longer require them . . . I cast them out with this Whoosh!!!

Then sing A B C D E F G” . . .“Whooshing makes my Whole ‘Self’ feel so free!” And then again ‘Whoosh your Self’. (You can Whoosh yourself a lot doing this particular cleansing . . . And you may wish to do this short little exercise daily . . . It’s really necessary) “Would Someone Please Whoosh my Ego, Inner Child, Androgynous Self and my entire World free of all that blocks me from my ‘All’ Now!”

And I thank God-Goddess All That Is for Allowing This in This Moment of Now!!!”

One more little thing, if you don’t like to say A B C D E F G” . . . Then just say “Whoosh” . . . As you blast them away . . . That’ll do it! And if you don’t like to say “Whoosh”, then just do your swords silently to your ‘Self’. . . Then you can ‘Will your Self’ silently, Whooshing away all your ‘consciousnesses of curses’ as they collectively show up . . . Each and every single last one of them . . . Right down to the emotional involuntary mechanical apparatus in the foundational level of the dark conceited archetypes of reptilian, warrior, warlock, warlord, kings, or witches, bitches, hags, and queens! . . . We merely required to forgive and cast out all of those nasty minion archetypes of darkness first in the Ego De-authorization. . . Then this condition could be exposed . . .Just keep-on Whoosh’n your ‘Self’ free to be what ever you so desire your ‘Self’ to be . . . And Watch your ‘Self’ become . . . What ever you Wish’n Will your ‘Self’ to be!

A message from one of my sons:

Having a naturopath/chiropractor/angelic-spiritual healer as a father definitely has its advantages.  Yes, I come from a far-out family, but I am still very grateful for those that surround me.  Whenever an experience in life seems odd, I can always go to my Dad for guidance and reasons for my requirement to learn these lessons.  I am recently told that the reason for my constant ‘need to suffer’ is caused by some old and ancient curses I have empowered from past lifetimes while being a very nasty person.  IN THIS LIFE,I AM a very kind, compassionate, and peace loving individual, yet I have apparently held on to these ancient reasons to punish myself.  I no longer require any of these curses for they no longer serve me in any way:

I cast them off Now!”
These words are directed from a spiritual reading with my Dad as he channeledSaint Germainand are very powerful to write out for your ‘Self’: If you agree with these thoughts, please feel free to script/write them in your own hand, sign and date your copy and then place this in some sacred place you treasure:

God-Goddess protects me and calls forward old precious friends to help me enjoy my life . . . Any of those who find fault with me are repelled from my current position.  They move away from me quickly.  Like energies that are of love and light are drawn to me for I am a ‘Love /Opportunity/Money Magnet’ for all of them. They grow as I grow and I grow with them. My words have power and I now cast out all my ‘limiting punishments’, ‘disharmonious egotistical traditional patterns of expression’ and ‘ancient patterned needs to suffer. I empower what is most appropriate for me and it is most appropriate for me to forgive myself, to heal myself, and to learn to love myself: Unconditionally.  This is my quest, my destiny and this is also my dharma.”

I see my ‘Self’ as an infinite being, growing infinitely in my ability to ‘Allow my Self’ to receive. I Am a ‘Receiving Magnet’. I receive unexpected income from an Infinite Source.  ‘God-Goddess is my Source’ and I see no limitation in ‘Allowing my Source’ to source me.  Opportunities come constantly and I choose wisely what is most appropriate for me. I only wish to live out my ‘All’ in this ‘Moment of Now’ and all future ‘Moments of Now’. I grow in my ‘All’ infinitely . . . Therefore, I call forward the frequencies of Homeostasis, of Affluence, of Divine Bliss, and of the continued Allowance of this Instance in the Now . . . I call forward My All of Health, Wealth, Happiness and the Time to Enjoy It!”

Would Someone Please grant me a Super Whopper Whoosh” . . . (Especially for my Ego, Inner Child, Androgynous Self, Id, Sub-conscious mind and again for my entire Inner Emotional World to free me of everything that blocks me from my ‘All’ Now!)

Welcome to the Oneness, the Wholeness the Clean Sweep begins!

You are now on the Quest, the Journey, into your own cleansing. So please be aware of the following pitfalls: Don’t take your ‘Self’ or your condition so seriously. Remember that you are about to elicit circumstances that trigger stored Emotional and Spiritual Releases from Eons of Lifetimes. Further, the current Life events act as the catalysts that get the Cleansing Process started. This catalytic event may only represent about 5% or less of the actual release. That means that about 95% or more of this release is all from previous Life Times and circumstances that you really have no idea how or why they were generated. So, when your temper raises, (and usually over little or nothing) get it that this is a lesson opportunity to release what is hidden in you. Don’t take it out on your loved ones. Instead . . . Learn to love . . . And then, stop taking it out on your ‘Self’.

My own ‘Self’ experience, being PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Vietnam, caused me to yell a lot at the ones I Loved the most, as I released all that pent up anger and rage from my war. This is definitely not my recommendation to you . . . And after all the events are released and some deeper ‘Understanding’ returns to govern our actions . . . The healing of the relationships that acted as the ‘whipping posts of our stored emotions’ may become so much closer . . . I pray . . . And deeper feelings of real Love may someday return, ‘if you’re lucky’.

So please, be aware of your actions and attempt to express any of your hostilities in as safe an environment as you possibly can . . . With as little harm to others as you may incur!!!

If you have already caused irreparable damage to your friends, family and co-workers somewhere in your past, just give them a copy of this book, stand back, and pray for Grace. You might wish to stay at an appropriate distance and wait until they come to you. Remember, they have a cleansing to go through as well, so be prepared! You know, come to think of it, you may wish to re-implement the previous Clean Sweep and Ego De-authorization Treatment as often as you feel the desire. That may take the edge off and smooth out some of the road ahead. I know just reading the ‘first 6 pages’ has a dramatic effect upon your life in general.

Allow’ and practice: Neutral Observation! . . . When you see your ego standup in judgment, please take notice, and put it right back where it belongs! . . . I like to send mine off to it’s own personal ‘Safe Space’ . . . You know, the kind your dog just loves to sleep in because it feels very safe and sound there . . . No one can harm it there, nor does it desire to leave or venture out on it’s own with out being invited back out first. Now this private Safe Space has a big leather sofa, stereo, all the latest video game systems, surround sound TV, and of course, home movies of your past. Let’s say this pad has all the major comforts of a well stocked home. Remember, the ego has been the major target for our very own destruction ever since we began this journey. It hasn’t felt safe anywhere ever before, and it has become an absolute expert at self-survival. But you know something? . . . It just feels great sitting in that very personal ‘Safe Space’ you’ve created just for it.


Learn to Discern and Practice Non-judgment! Become creative your ‘Self’. . . Learn to ‘Allow’ the Creator. Seek the Love and Peace that is Within and you will find it, I know. Never be satisfied with what you have at hand, go on into the Infinite Quest for more experience of the Love that I know is within you. If you can’t find it right now, then request it and you will someday be lead to the source, and perhaps at that time you will choose to experience it for your ‘Self’.

And Remember, discover within your ‘Self’ who and what you really are . . . Know Thy ‘Self’ said Socrates . . . To me that means to Never stop seeking the Experience of Your own ‘True Self: For there is nothing more fascinating to anyone than to ‘Discover and Understand’ your own nature and motivations. Along the way, you will also re-discover some of the most cherished things about your past . . . And perhaps some others . . . That you have literally hidden from your ‘Self’ in utter blame and shame. Believe me these are not necessarily secret collections of accolades from previous life time award shows. They are the deepest and most hidden fears of shame and blame you carry, and everyone . . . And I mean ‘everyone’ has a ton of them. So please don’t feel like you’re all alone in this processing at the very beginning of the Clean Sweep work . . . ‘Positively Always’ keep in mind that there is only a finite amount of stored stuff (SS) to haul out . . . And an ‘Absolutely Infinite’ amount of ‘Love Within You’. You’ll find it buried right under all that stored shadow trash. You know this ‘Understanding’ alone could relieve all your fear of the future.

I’ve called forth and involved every ‘Allowable’ level of Angelic Responsibility in this Cleansing of the Human Condition. This has been done to free us from the dark aspects that have tried to interfere with, or actually remove us from our own Divine Inheritance . . . That’s your own personal ‘All’. That means you have a lot of Divine Assistance in clearing out all that stored stuff (SS). I’ve also invited nearly all of my friends who have wished to be set free in this manner, and basically, they have laid out all the ground work that I know you will go through as you begin this journey as well . . . Remember: There’s only a finite amount of trash.

The Angels informed me that ‘You’ . . . Healing your own life through this cleansing work . . . That ‘You’ have actually already brought forth a change in the ‘Spiritual Condition of Mankind as a Whole’: And to think . . . We’ve only just begun.

The Sovereign of any country wears a Crown. According to ‘What is Written’, and verified by the Angels of the I Am That I Am: Our Higher Selves, the Crown of Creation, actually does wear this Crown. ‘Understand’: We are all equally Sovereigns, each and every single one of us. ‘Understand’: We are all Masters, Returning to Remembering our own Sovereignty. This Healing, Processing, Series, ‘Allows’ for that return of the ‘Remembering’ of our natural, original Sovereignty. A ‘True Sovereign’ does not rule with power-over others! A ‘True Sovereign’ governs them ‘Selves’ with respect of the ‘True Self’ and reflects that respect in others. The Clean Sweep Process also re-instates the Original Divine Blue Print and the restoration of the Androgynous Spiritual Being, who Serves, Honors and Cherishes the Oneness Within All: The Truth, The Great Spirit, Allah, Sat Nam, Brahma, Pak Nam, Alaha, YHWH, God-Goddess, All that Is.

I have attempted to write this book in the most neutral, universal way that I can. I was raised strict German Lutheran Christian in my hometown of Delaware, Ohio. And I never saw my minister smile even once, in all of my Life. All was very serious, hell or damnation . . . Some choice! I Thank God for placing me in that family, on that farm, in Troy Township of Delaware County: For if it was not for that experience and training, I would have never rebelled and sought out other more friendly choices. There are no mistakes in your circumstances either. You were born under the conditions that engendered the rapid growth and development of your own Spiritual Condition, and that has brought you to this very moment . . . Be aware of the Grace in your Life and accept this Blessing with the Attitude of Gratitude. Move ahead friend, and share your Love-based dreams, thoughts and feelings with your fellow travelers.

Understand: All are Perfect in this ‘Moment of our Now’ . . .

Allow: The Sage-in-Training that you are . . .

Seek: The Revealer of the Light Within . . .

For if you truly seek it, I know you will eventually find it . . .

And Remember that the Truth is always Simple . . .

I call forth all the dark archetypes that block me from seeing the lessons that I have yet to learn . . .

I request the removal of all resentments, resistance, and restraints I have from (your areas of resentments) and especially those that apply to these lessons I have hidden within me that are yet to be learned . . . For I require learning them now!

They do not serve me to remain hidden . . . They only serve darkness in keeping me from my ‘ALL’ . . .

I request a Special Whopper Whoosh from the ‘ALL’ by re-implementing the Clean Sweep, the Ego De-authorization and every treatment ever done that ‘Allows’ someone to get the ‘ALL’ . . .

I further call forth the ‘Light of my Creator’ to cleans and restore any area where these dark things were hidden . . . May I now learn what has been required to be learned easily and completely.”

Do not run through life so fast that you forget not only where you have been, but also where you are going, because Life is not a race, but a journey to be savored, each step of the way.”(Lao Tzu)

So, I’ve mostly done my part. I blazed a trail and observed for my ‘Self’ the ways to become a Student on the Quest of the ‘True Self’. Actually, ‘You’ and I are only (Infantile) Sages-in-Training. I’ve just slugged my way through a very confusing and complicated fear-based, reality, mired in religious thought and terminology. (You know, that’s where most of us have come from in our views of Life and this reality.) I’m definitely open to learning more . . . And further, Simply Experiencing My Life . . . “Into Infinity and Beyond.” (Thank you Buzz Lightyear)

But the meek shall inherit the Earth; and shall Delight themselves in the abundance of Peace” Psalms 37:11