How do I begin?

Select your choice of session. You will be taken to the Appointy Page to schedule your appointment. Once your session is scheduled, please send an email with the requested information to


How should I prepare for the session?

It is important that you set your intention for the healing that you are asking for. When you voice your intentions, you allow Divine Source to begin the process of manifesting your request and opens you to receive it. When you state your intentions, you claim it. Be deliberate in thought and precise in the words. It is Divine Source’s pleasure to bring about what you have requested.


What should I do during a session?

During your session, relax and allow yourself to be open to receive. Be in a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down. On occasion, people have fallen over while standing, when the energetic pattern shifted.

In the event that you fall asleep during the session, there is no need to worry. You will receive all the benefits of the healing session and integrate all the energy you require, whether you are awake or asleep.


What should I expect during a session?

Each person will have a different experience. Generally, most have felt the subtle Divine healing energy flow through their body. Everyone feels the energy in their own way. Some people may see colors. Others may have temperature changes of warm and/or cold in a specific area or throughout the entire body. Often, people feel sensations such as, a wave or jolt of energy. At times, one feels like their body is floating or weightless. On occasion, an area of the body may experience an increase of pain that melts away when the energy block is cleared. Few have felt nothing at all during a session, yet still experienced results.

Memories or images may pass through your thoughts during your session. At times, some have had an emotional release with tears, laughter or even verbal outbursts.

Always there is a feeling of sincere, peaceful comfort upon completion.


What should I expect after a session?

When energetic shifts occur, they may continue for several hours or days after the session. Sometimes one is energized; while at times, others are sleepy or in a state of tranquility. Many times, the physical body experiences a physical transformation.

On occasion, some people can be emotionally sensitive. Please be gentle with yourself and take some quiet time to integrate. Allow yourself to feel, remember and forgive. It is ALL Divine!

Over all, most people experience mental and emotional clarity that brings about self empowerment.

After the session is complete, hold the conscious thought of what you have requested. Take care that you do not negate the healing with old thought patterns. Thoughts are energy. Discipline your thoughts. What you SPEAK and THINK manifests into existence!

Give thanks for the healing and trust that it is done for the greatest and highest good.


Does a photograph help?

A recent photograph captures an individual’s energy patterns allowing energetic imbalances to be detected by the healer. The photograph is also a Quantum Hologram of the individual. Therefore, the vibrational energy that is imprinted onto the photograph or Hologram is experienced by the person receiving the healing.