7-10-13 Gayle Live Channeling


Gayle Live Show channeling event on 7-10-13. Gayle channels Divine Mother/Divine Source on various topics on ascension and spirituality mixed with a Q & A session with show attendees. See below for more details.


What are obstacles in your path reflecting to you in this time of transition? How can you move through life with grace and ease? What does your conscious mind and thoughts create? How does fear play into the human cycle of victimization? How can you self empower? What happens when your DNA strands vibrate? How do you heal all wounds? How does your ego lead your actions? How can you create a doorway to a vortex? What does physical pain in the neck and body reflect? What happens after the Winter Solstice in 2013?


Divine Source addresses these questions and more in this channeled message through Gayle, along with a question and answer session with attendees.



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