Hello Lightworkers,

We are in the midst of experiencing one of the most important periods of our Enlightenment! Between the multidimensional Ascension frequencies, the planetary alignments, portal openings, current events and prophecy, we are truly in extraordinary times!

The Cardinal Grand Cross formation will take place between April 7th and May 9th, 2014. What makes this Grand Cross phase so spectacular is the uncommon number of celestial events and planetary alignments during this time frame. Such as:

  • The first of a rare Blood Moon Tetrad lunar/full moon eclipse on the 15th of April. A Tetrad is a series of four consecutive Blood Moon lunar eclipses. There have only been 7 since the birth of Christ. Throughout history, when these tetrads appear, major events happen. Civilizations fall, new Nations form, stock market crashes, earthquakes… CHANGE!
  • A meteor shower on April 23rd & 24th
  • Mars is the closest to the Earth in 6 years
  • A complete Solar eclipse/new moon on April 28th/29th.
  • Grand Trines, T Squares, Transits and Retrogrades
  • The peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross is April 22nd at 8:31 pm EDT.

The peak of this highly energetic Cardinal Grand Cross is what interests me the most! Up until now, we have been clearing, healing, addressing and ridding ourselves of fear and anger, learning to forgive ourselves and others – coming into alignment with Divine I AM Presence!

We have been experiencing – CHANGE!

From April 21st, through the Cardinal Grand Cross peak on April 22nd and April 23rd the quantum shift that we have been preparing ourselves for will manifest! The Cardinal Grand Cross alignment creates a Cosmic Quantum Portal in which quantum change on an energetic, cellular level takes place! And this Cardinal Grand Cross/ Cosmic Portal formation is directly over the United States!

We (humans, plants, animals, Earth) are merging our cellular structure and resonance with the higher, multidimensional Light (Universal, Cosmic and Divine Christ Consciousness – All That Is). Our pineal and pituitary glands are activated. Our Glia Brain has been switched on, allowing us the capability to vibrate at the Light resonance of Divine Unconditional Love.

Recently, the Queen of England, accompanied by Prince Phillip, was photographed in the Vatican with Pope Francis. They posed in front of a painting called “Abbraccio Cosmico” by Camilian Demetrescu. It is a painting of the April 22nd, 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross.

Abbraccio Cosmico 2The translation means “Cosmic Embrace.” The center of this painting is a man and woman in a tender embrace. This represents the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Uniting the Heart and the Mind through Divine Cosmic Love – Christ Love!

Facing the picture, the Blue Angel on the left represents the Feminine/Universe/ Spirit. The Brown Angel on the right represents Masculine/Earth/Physicality. The Angels wings are pointing up and down. They are each holding a handle. One up – one down. As Above – So Below. The handles are connected to a shaft of Light that runs through the heart center of the Divine Cosmic Embrace. The EnLightened Ones are guiding the transition.

Notice also that the handle held by the Earth Angel is attached to a spiral – a Cosmic Portal. The handle held by the Cosmic Angel is attached to a symbol of the Cardinal Grand Cross. Earth/Humanity goes through the Cosmic Portal to connect to the heart of Divine Source/Divine Unconditional Love – the Cosmic Embrace. The Cosmic Alignment funnels Light through Divine Source/Divine Unconditional Love to elevate Earth.

The Cosmic Portal envelopes the planets and humanity in a Divine embrace of Christ Consciousness. This is the birth of the New Age of EnLightenment!

If the Queen of England, past and current presidents and Heads of State around the world are documenting themselves in front of this picture of this April 22nd Cardinal Grand Cross – this is definitely is a monumental event!

June 2, 2013Notice any similarities in these two pictures?

This crop circle from June 2, 2013 in Wiltshire, England has the same alignments of the Cardinal Grand Cross.    Light Beings from Above are delivering messages through symbols and anchoring frequencies onto our planet. Why mostly around Stonehenge? Because Stonehenge is the control panel for our beloved Earth. The frequencies of the crop circles are distributed around the world in moments through the grid and ley lines.

Can you see the Metatron Cube in the Cosmic Embrace? The Metatron Cube can easily be overlaid onto the painting, as well as the planetary alignment and matched up perfectly.

The bible says that God will give us “signs from the Heavens” on the coming of Christ (Consciousness). Well, here’s your signs!

For many years, Divine Wisdom has strongly guided us to prepare ourselves for Ascension. To heal our mental thought processes and our emotional and spiritual wounds that has previously anchored us so heavily in a survival/lack existence.

We have the Divine opportunity to end self-destruction! To end power over the masses (fear, suppression) and re-awaken Divine Self-Empowerment of spiritual and personal freedom!

We have been given numerous ways to heal in many cultures and many schools of thought. I have shared several techniques in previous newsletters that you can access on my website https://keystoascension.com/. It does not matter which techniques you use – mine, yours or another’s. The important aspect here is that you HEAL, FORGIVE and LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY!

We are in the Ascension Transition now!

Life as we know it may become very chaotic in the next weeks and months. There are those that wish to undermine the Ascension process in order to keep control and ‘power over’ the masses. They work through oppression and fear. Yet, veils are being lifted; truths are coming to Light and false foundations will crumble. It is extremely important that we stay grounded, focused and unwavering in our TRUST and FAITH that DIVINE will Triumph!

Unfortunately, so many have lost faith in their faith. This is where we, the Lightworkers – the Gridkeepers, step into our calling! This is the time to walk our talk! Now is the time to SHINE! We, the Lightworkers, have committed to help humanity through this Ascension Transition. It begins with us!

We have searched, studied, practiced, meditated, fine tuned and excelled in our spiritual gifts! It is time to be accountable! It is our time to commit every part of our Divine Being to radiate our Divine I AM Presence through our Higher Consciousness and be the Unconditional Divine Light that the weary will embrace! 

It just takes one Lightworker who is holding unwavering strength in Divine Light to give way for others to find their strength in your strength! We, in essence, “hold Sacred Space” for others until they can hold it on their own.

I believe that “Focused Intention/Attention/Action & Visualization brings about your Desired Reality.” You are what you perceive. What you perceive – persists!

The energetic support that is present at this time is extraordinary! Take this opportunity to set the course of your life now. Whether this is your first time tapping into Divine Energy or a common practice. Change what requires changing; heal what requires healing. Set your Intention. Pay Attention to your thoughts and behaviour. Align your Actions with your Intentions and take time to Visualize the way you would like to see yourself. The more you Focus on and commit to your Intentions/Attention/Actions and Visualization, the easier and expedient your Results.

I was guided to proclaim to “BE” the unwavering TRUST & FAITH of DIVINE I AM – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

Immediately upon voicing the words I was given this visualization to share. Use it as a tool or a meditation to align yourself with the Divine Energy coming forth on this very Sacred day. Do this, if you choose, now and on April 22nd, either by yourself or with a group. Use the above picture of the Cosmic Embrace to enhance your visualization. For your convenience, I created a video Cosmic Portal Activation.  Enjoy!

Create Sacred Space:

Mother/Father God, our Divine Higher Self of which we are ONE, I (We) create Sacred Space at this time. We ask permission to send our intent through the Holy Grail Vortex and the Cosmic Portal. Have we your permission?”

“Yes, we do.” Let’s begin the process.

The Intention:

We Joyfully and whole heartedly embrace our Divine I AM Presence with Grace and Ease! We embrace and embody Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Harmony. Uniting the Heart and the Mind through Divine Cosmic Love – Christ Love!  We now access our mind through our heart. We are – I AM an open Chalice to receive Divine Light for the Greatest Good. Our Faith in Divine Source is unwavering!

We assist the Earth and Humanity by being a clear conduit of Divine Love Consciousness during this re-birth. Divine Source-Divine Love heals ALL that requires healing for the Greatest and Highest Good!

The Vision:

See yourself in the center of the Cosmic Embrace. You are the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine within this tender embrace. Place the above Intention in your heart.

Notice in the painting of the Cosmic Embrace, the four rings in which the planets are positioned. This is the Holy Grail Vortex. The Point of Light is the heart within the Embrace. You are the Point of Light.

Visualize the first ring of white energy spinning Counter clock wise (CCW) around the Point of Light within the Embrace. This brings the energy down to Earth and establishes a standing columnar wave. You have now tuned and programmed your HGV with your desired intent. And we say:

 From the Point of Light within the Mind of God

Let Light stream forth into the minds of men

Let Light descend on Earth.

  The Second yellow ring or vortex out from the Embrace is also spun CCW. This vortex allows the Elementals and Higher Vibrational Beings to tune the frequency of the sword, as in “the sword (masculine) and the cup (feminine)”) between our stated intent and the desired results for the Greatest Good. And we say:

 From the Point of Love within the Heart of God

Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

 The Third ring or vortex is spun Clockwise (CW). Reversing the flow of energy returns it upwards and creates the ‘Cup’. Visualize the energy coming up to form the cup. This step sends energy into the fourth dimension. And we say:

 From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men

The purpose, which the Masters know and serve.

 The Fourth ring or vortex is also spun Clockwise (CW). This allows the Elementals and Higher vibrational beings to tune the frequency of the Cup to our stated intent and the desired effect for the Greatest Good. And we say:

 From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Divine Power restore the Plan on Earth.

 See yourself in the center of the Cosmic Embrace. Your Divine Feminine embracing your Divine Masculine.

Within you and the space that you physically and energetically hold, the Feminine and Masculine energy spin from your Heart Chakra clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time.

As you spin in unison, your heart expands with Divine Unconditional Love. You begin to see the particles of you as they rise in frequency and vibrate at a higher resonance.

Your cells illumine and begin to float freely in the toroidal spin – As Above – So Below, left and right.

Christ Light intensifies as does the Joy and Unconditional Love. You shimmer with colors of Mother of Pearl. Your illumined cells become tiny particles – floating- spiraling with “All That Is”.

The planets continue to move around you. The energy vortexes spin clockwise and counterclockwise. As you gaze upon the Cosmic Embrace, notice that the rings become multidimensional. You are now in the flow of Divine resonance. In this space,  you manifest your Intention.

As the Cardinal Grand Cross moves into its perfect, complete alignment the Light continues to increase. In that moment, a brilliant pulse of Divine Light gathers from the Universe and lightnings into a laser beam upon you, Earth and humanity.

You become Light – Divine Light!

Allow every particle of your Being to integrate Divine Light. See your Lightbody. Hear the sounds of the Cosmos resonating within you. Touch your heart as you inhale the essence of the Eternal Cosmic Embrace.

As in the painting, anchor your Light into the Earth while connecting your heart -Divine Love to the Cosmic Universe. Your Light – your standing columnar wave of Light anchors into Earth and flows through the grid and ley lines that caress the Earth.

Feel the Peace. Feel the Love.

Earth and Humanity move effortlessly through the Cosmic Portal and Re-Birth in Divine Cosmic Christ Consciousness!

Blessed BE!

May your Ascension Transition be Blissful!

With Gratitude and Divine Love,

Gayle Mack