December of 2012 was such a magical month. So many wonderful events took place, especially on December 11th and 12th. A friend and I went to Mount Shasta to anchor and receive information for 12-12-12. We both knew intuitively, that we were supposed to be on Mount Shasta for this sacred time, but we knew not how it was to play out.

While walking the mountain, my attention was directed to a perfect circle of trees on a hillside. We walked their circumference clock-wise, creating Sacred Space. Jason then placed a Lemurian crystal in the center. Due to the approaching snow storm, we estimated that we had approximately twenty minutes to do ceremony.

We called in the directions, our guardians and guides; asking that we receive for the greatest and highest good for ALL.

As we stood in our sacred space, our backs against the trees; palms open to receive, a bright ray of sun light fell upon us. We opened our eyes to see that the grey snow clouds had parted. A circle of bright blue sky had appeared and a brilliant light shone upon us like a laser. The Light beam narrowed to the area of my Third eye. Through this beam of light; sounds, frequencies and symbols that I did not recognize poured into my third eye, heart and solar plexus at a rapid pace.

It was shared that this higher dimensional Light Language contained frequencies that were indiscernible in the 3rd and 4th dimensional realms. Therefore, it would be difficult to describe or communicate to most, at this time. I was instructed that the symbols will appear and generate the resonance required to assist us, as we evolve, through each transition and advancement.

Divine Source added that this language was given to many persons on the planet who had chosen to be the way showers into the multidimensional shift.

I gave thanks for the wisdom that was coming forth and accepted to share this knowledge with humanity. Though I heard no spoken words, I had the “knowing” of what I knew.

As the teachings unfold, I will joyously share the wisdom in my newsletters.

Divine Source blessed our journey and the Light beam retracted. A white cloud appeared in the center of the circle of blue sky and took the shape of a Phoenix rising. It then turned into a Dove, which became a dragon and then transformed into a saucer cloud. At this point, the circle of blue sky closed and the snow began to fall. How synchronistic!

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

The symbolism of the cloud shapes told a story of its own. The shapes, like the coming symbols of the new Light Language, anchor in vibration and trigger our memory. They delivered a message of the coming energies within moments and without words.

The Phoenix Rising represents the resurrection from the physical/mental to the spiritual/heart centered realm – the end of a cycle of struggle and the rebirth of Freedom through Divine Love. It signifies from the ashes, one can rise up and achieve ascension.

The Dove had a personal meaning, as well. My spiritual name is “White Bird” and flying towards the right symbolizes the future. On a grander scale, the Dove represents the Peace, Courage and Grace that will accompany us as we “raise our frequency” in this new age.

The dragon reflects the coming Ease as we re-learn and remember alchemy and the esoteric wisdom. Dragons and higher dimensional beings move inter-dimensional with Grace and Ease. So can WE – even without a craft or spaceship!

We are ALL multidimensional beings remembering our way back to being “Fully Enlightened, Fully Realized and Divine I AM Human Beings!”

Throughout our lives, Divine Source gives us messages through signs, symbols and “dropped tidbits.” How often have you heard a phrase or word that snaps you out of a mood or takes you back to a past event? I recall having difficulty sleeping after the end of a relationship. I turned on the TV and Will told Grace to “Snap out of it already!” I had a hardy laugh and did so.

Signs and symbols can be presented in a myriad of ways. It could be a tender smile from a child; a dream, an image, a book, your inner voice or a cloud.

Often, we are too wrapped up in ourselves and the busy-ness that we created to notice the subtle signs and symbols; leaving Divine to create more direct ways to get our attention.

Practice to be more aware and conscious of what you are actually seeing and experiencing. You may be missing signs and symbols that would make your multidimensional transition more Peaceful. Trust in Divine Source and enjoy your journey!

With Gratitude and Divine Love,

Gayle Mack