December 11th (the “prep day” for 12-12-12) continued to be an exciting day. After Jason and I left Mount Shasta, we went to a local metaphysical crystal store in town. While we were there, a delightful woman, named Bev, invited us to join her for a crystal bowl attunement.

Bev asked us to take off our shoes and make ourselves comfortable. As I began to pull off my hiking boots, I noticed that I was leaving black crumbles around me. I apologized for making a mess, stating that I must have stepped in mud on the way in. The lady next to me said, “It isn’t mud. Your shoes are falling apart.” She pointed to the sole of my boot. Sure enough, the cushion between the boot and soles had disintegrated – on both feet!

Jason started to laugh and said, “You know, that’s the second time since I’ve known you that you blew out the soles of your shoes. The first time was during ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee.”

I had run so much energy through my body, during our experience on Mount Shasta earlier that afternoon, that it disintegrated the soles of my boots.

Bev asked what that meant for me. I got still and heard, “that I had out grown the shoes that I had been walking in and it was time to step into new.”

For some time now, Divine Source has been nudging me to step up and share the wisdom and teachings from my channelings. Divine had co-created several experiences to get me moving in a higher vibrational direction. I had been so busy with my alternative clinic and volunteer responsibilities that I was just sharing my spiritual gifts with a handful of like-minded people.

I had talked about becoming more public, but I had not actually stepped forward to do so. The operative word in the previous sentence was “act.” On this day, December 11th, I took action and made a conscious commitment to step up and share. Keys to Ascension had now become a physical, multidimensional reality.

I realized that I was carrying a bit of fear around putting myself “out there.” As strong as my connection is with Divine Source, the third dimensional side of me was hanging on to who I had become. Who I AM and what brings me immense Joy is seeing the wisdom that I share, through Divine Source, make a profound difference on mine and others lives. It was now very clear that I had been procrastinating my own Joy!

Now that I had my own attention, I could see where Divine had co-created obstacles to get my attention. Once I committed to being in Joy, Divine Source opened doors and closed others. Chapters in my book of life came to an end and responsibilities shifted. New chapters and directions opened with Grace and Ease.

My commitment to Divine Source has always been present; my commitment to myself had not. With each new day, I confirm my Joy and give thanks for the Joy and the Blessings that manifest.

 ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

In this new cycle and transition, challenges and change may present themselves to show you where you are on your spiritual journey. You may be guided by Divine Source to let go of what has become comfortable (like I had) and take a leap of Faith! Divine Source will ALWAYS open a door and bring the right people, at the right time, to easily assist us through our journey.

Are you procrastinating your Joy? If so, commit now to live in Joy. Take action and Trust! Voice your Joy; Think your Joy and give Thanks for the Joy that unfolds within each day!


With tremendous Gratitude and Divine Love,

Gayle Mack


P.S. My new shoes feel wonderful!!! How are yours?