8-14-13 Moving Multidimensional

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Moving Multidimensional. Included in this message are techniques for healing yourself and others from Divine Source. Check out our long description.


▪Why has the first part of the year 2013 been so chaotic? How can I bring the higher frequencies into the third dimension? How can I balance Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within me? How to know if I am moving into a multidimensional state? How can I increase this multidimensional state of being? What does it mean when I participate in an emotional situation that I have already healed? What is getting in the way of my manifesting? What anchors me into the chaos of the third dimension? What happens to my circle of friends as I become more enlightened?

Divine Source addresses these questions and more in this channeled message through Gayle, along with a question and answer session with attendees.

Due to a technical malfunction during this recording, we decided to discount this episode of Gayle Live. The information is extremely informative and complete from Divine Source, but a very small fraction of the audio quality is not at our desired standards.

Gratefully, we have now upgraded our audio recordings to studio quality. Blessed Be!



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