Congratulations! Wow! We made it through another 90 day cycle of integrating higher vibrational energies that culminated on the Autumnal Equinox.

Access, Integrate, and ReflectFor two days before and after the Equinox on the 22nd of September, we experienced a slight reprieve from the hecticness of the accelerated energies. The night and days were nearly equal giving us a period of balance. This allowed the Earth and humanity to take a well needed breath before the next round of higher frequencies began.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are responding to the elevated frequencies that are moving us into harmony with Earth’s ascension process. It is a natural progression as the Earth moves into her multidimensional ascended state of being. With the influx of higher frequencies, we are experiencing bio-physical and bio-psychological changes in our cellular structure, DNA, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Thankfully, through Grace, we are increasing our frequencies in 90 day intervals rather than all at once. This allows us to access, integrate and reflect the higher Divine resonance before the next phase begins.

Each 90 day interval vibrates at a higher rate of Divine Love than the one that preceded it. In the presence of Divine Unconditional Love, lower vibrational energies such as fear, judgment and hate move out of our personal space.

The higher vibrations cause lower vibrational energies to surface, which bring up mental and emotional wounds that require healing. Issues that were not addressed in the previous phase will come around again with a bit more vigor in the next one.

In the days, weeks and months ahead, many of the realities that have been our foundations will shift. Our perceptions and the illusions of reality may be questioned. This is a perfectl time to assess the reality in which we have created, make changes and place our focus on the reality we wish or desire to experience.

We have been and will continue to be tested on our faith in Divine All That Is, our faith and knowing of the achievable abilities within ourselves, as well as, our faith in human consciousness. These tests are not presenting themselves to punish us. They are measures to show us where we are in our journey to enlightenment.

These challenges move us from being complacent into action. They stretch our self confidence and reveal our true core strength. It is time for us, as individuals, to truly step into our Divine I AM Presence in every moment and with every breath. When we do so, we fulfill our Divine Purpose. As we hold our Divine I AM Presence, we hold our calm in chaos. We freely create and shift any reality for the greatest good. We become the navigators within the coming shifts, instead of the herded.

I am frequently asked, “How do I become my Divine I AM Presence?” and “How do I become multidimensional?”

We are in amazing times now! The higher Divine Love frequencies that are present at this time are making it easier to achieve and hold the resonance of Divine I AM.

Your greatest tool and technique is you! Your thoughts, your actions, your belief, your allowance, your commitment; your time – you!

Once you choose to activate and “Be” your Divine I AM – Multidimensional Divine Higher Self, the process begins. Your thoughts and actions will determine the rate in which you achieve your ‘Divine State of Being’.

Knowing that thoughts become things and what we focus on we create; our thoughts and actions become our tools and techniques. Our thoughts and actions must be in harmony with each other. Just reciting a belief without the momentum of action keeps you stagnant.

In the Bible, Jesus says, “All these things you can do and more!” The ancient Priests and Priestesses; as well as, current Masters, alchemists and teachers from numerous cultures have achieved, accessed and reflected their multidimensional Divine I AM state of being. You can too!

The more you connect to and access your Higher State of Being, the longer you will hold your Higher State of Being and the greater you will reflect your Higher State of Being.

Set aside time each day to meditate and hold the resonance of your Divine I AM Presence. I prefer to begin my day this way.

Access: Start by visualizing what your Divine I AM Presence – your Multidimensional Divine Higher Self would look like. Do you look peaceful? Are you in your Light body? How would you see yourself?

Once you have your image, visualize yourself in action. What would you do in your Multidimensional Divine State of Being? How would you act? Are you healing someone with your hands, through your eyes or your smile? Are you diverting an accident, deflecting an object or dissipating a tornado? Are you moving between your Light body and your physical body? Are you easily moving between dimensions and realities? Are you bi-locating or teleporting? Are you communicating with Divine Source – All That Is?

Visualize yourself as already vibrating at the Divine Love frequency and being Fully Enlightened.

Integrate: Notice how you feel in this Divine State of Being. Notice how your heart is overflowing with Unconditional Love? Become aware of your abilities. Observe your confidence. Notice and declare your Joy and your Bliss! Breathe it in. As you inhale, you awaken, energize and illumine every cell of your body. As you exhale, you reflect your totality. You reflect your fully realized Divine I AM State of Being.

Reflect: As you continue to breathe, reflecting and experiencing your Divine State of Being, say with passion and certainty, such as, “I AM Divine Love. I AM Fully Realized. I AM Multidimensional,” “I teleport at will,” “I understand and utilize alchemy with ease” and so forth. Speak both silently to yourself and then out loud. When you speak silently, you address your subconscious. When you speak out loud, you address your conscious mind. The moment that you proclaim it (especially with the “I AM” proceeding”), you bring your vision and your belief into the ‘Now.’ Divine Source begins the process to create the “way.”

Do your very best to live the image that you have envisioned. Speak to yourself and others as your Divine Higher Self would speak. Act as your Fully Realized Self would act. Think, share and love as your Fully Enlightened Self would do.

The fact that you can see your visualization means that it is already in your consciousness. You just have not allowed it to physically manifest, as of yet. Joyously allow yourself to return to your Divine I AM Presence.

With each new day, your abilities will increase. The more you practice your skills, meditate, hold your resonance throughout your day, the sooner you will realize your full potential.

Access, integrate and reflect your Divine I AM.

Enjoy your journey of In-Light-in-Meant!


Divinely yours,

Gayle Mack