Hello Dear Ones,

October has proven to be a very exciting month with a constant swing from elation to OMG! Divine Source told us that this new energy would be intense and they were not kidding. ;-D

For many, the pendulum swung the range of emotions. Many changes, awakenings and rebirths took place on all levels! Know that everything that has been and will be created is in Divine Accordance, in Divine Time and in Divine Action.

In the spirit of Change, we have changed the time of the “Gayle Live” Show to 7pm (EST) We have received substantial requests to move the show to evening hours. You spoke, we listened and we changed the time. We will continue to air the “Gayle Live” Show on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month, only now at 7pm.

On the “awakening” aspects, I am very excited to announce the new Spiritual Tools section on the Keys to Ascension website. Here I will share a variety of techniques, teachings and tools that I use in my spiritual/healing work, ceremony and in daily life.

This section will constantly be updated as I put together information and guided wisdom that could be of assistance in your journey of enlightenment.

On this page at the time, you will find The Holy Grail Vortex, The Clean Sweep and Calling in the Directions.

The first post is the Holy Grail Vortex. This is my “go to” tool. I share how to create and utilize a standing columnar wave to shift energy, protect and/or manifest; heal myself and others or assist the Earth in Her changes. In the very near future, I will post a video of this technique. Until then, please access the written text.

Next, is the Clean Sweep. The Clean Sweep is a powerful technique given from St. Germaine to help us clear and dissolve old contracts, judgments and agreements that keep us from manifesting our Divine Joy. Dr. Bob Burdette channeled this work and asked me to share it with you. We are truly blessed and grateful for the opportunity!

The 3rd teaching is entitled, Calling in the Directions. In this teaching, I created a list of energies, Deities and Archetypes to assist you when creating Sacred Space. I address each of the Cardinal direction, as in, North, East, South and West, including the Above, Below and Sacred Center. I also give suggestions for items when preparing individual altars.

This teaching compliments my upcoming videos on Creating Sacred Space, Creating Sacred Space using Crystals, Calling in the Directions and Creating Spiritual Gifts for “Give Aways.”

In the spirit of rebirth, I was in Chicago, October 4th and 5th for the 20th Annual Goddess Festival. We concluded the festival by performing Lady Olivia Robertson’s ‘the Rite of Rebirth Liturgy’ from the Fellowship of Isis.

The Rite of Rebirth mystery drama was very appropriate for this month’s challenges and elations. The influx of higher resonant frequencies and planetary alignments has proven to stretch our comfort zone, or rather, our complacent zone.

Uncomfortable emotional wounds that we have buried deep in our consciousness have been surfacing. Disappointment, unexpected change, the unknown and the uncertainty can be overwhelming at times. We have been known to conceal ourselves with a veil of illusion to hide from our own perceived unworthiness. The veil can become weighted with guilt, blame and shame, which can eventually envelope us as a cloak of victim.

The cloak is merely a perception of one reality. A reality that many of us have given too much of our focus and energy too. Our veil has been our perceived protection.

When we surrender our ego selves and our wounded selves, w e can step out of the shadow side and the overwhelm. We can drop the veil of perception… Lay down the cloak of victimization and consciously choose to rebirth ourselves in a higher vibrational path or thought. Allow yourself to see the myriad of alternate realities that serve your truth in a more loving manor.

When we choose to lift the veil that clouds our judgment and drop the cloak that holds the heaviness of emotional wounds and past injustices, we allow ourselves to Ascend into a reality, a realm of greater Joy. We allow ourselves to be “rebirthed.”

When we embrace our shadow side without judgment, we become free to live in joy. When we live in joy, we manifest through our joy and we manifest joyous realities!

Each time we emerge from the shadows; from our dark nights of the soul, we increase our strength, our courage, determination, wisdom, compassion, humbleness and our self love.

Use the gifts of the Holy Grail Vortex and the Clean Sweep to help you Ascend through the spheres with Grace and Ease. You are the holder of the Keys! Transcend and transmute the issues that have weighed down your 7 physical chakras.

Rejoice as we open the gateways into Higher realities of Love. Rejoice as we Rebirth ourselves into our True Self, our Light Bodies; our Divine I AM.

May your true vision be restored and your courage unwavering. May your wisdom be abundant and appropriately shared. May you awaken and rejoice in the beauty that life has to offer.

Go forth with Divine Blessings!

Gayle Mack


P.S. To read the complete Liturgy of the Rite of Rebirth and learn more about the Fellowship of Isis, Please visit http://www.fellowshipofisis.com/liturgy/rebirth.html