Lately, I have had a lot of inquiries on forgiveness, especially from my newsletter “Emotional Threads.” The Divine Feminine Consciousness is bringing up old emotional issues to be healed – through forgiveness. Sometimes, the wounds are deep and saying “I forgive you” just doesn’t seem to be enough.

I do understand this one well! I struggled with forgiveness towards my stepfather, the people who knew about the abuse and did nothing and the people who knew and took advantage. Forgiveness was difficult, at the time, because the abuse encompassed so many emotions. The anger, fear and shame that I felt was creating a serious lack in my self-worth. My faith and protecting other family members was what enabled to me to cope with the abuse.

My inner voice strongly urged me to forgive, so that I could become truly happy and at peace. Taking measures to heal my woundedness, I prayed; read the bible, had a priest pray over me and I talked with counselors. I tried everything that I knew to do, but I just couldn’t get these emotions to shift into forgiveness. I even got scrappy and mouthy for a while. This only made things worse. At one point, I ran away, though didn’t get far.

One day, I had a serious “heart to heart” with God. I’ve always been taught, you must forgive and forget. I can forgive, but I can’t forget! What am I doing wrong? Please show me how to forgive and forget!!!

Then, in the silence, I heard, “My dear daughter, this particular phrase has been mis-quoted. I said, Forgive as IF you have forgotten. Forgetting keeps you naive. Find compassion and you will find the Blessing of forgiveness.”

This made a big impact on my healing process! I had to find compassion first. To find compassion, I had to find some understanding. I asked myself, “What would make a person be so mean and hurtful?” Then I answered myself, “Someone who was hurt and angry.”

I asked God if I could “see” what happened, so I could understand better. Being a psychic child, I saw in my mind’s eye that my stepfather was a wounded boy. This was later confirmed by his mother when she came to ask my forgiveness. He played out his anger and woundedness, by hurting little girls and women. This made him feel strong and in control. Again, doesn’t make it right – it just was.

Having an understanding of “why”, I could now move into compassion. Whether you are graced with the reason or not, by simply asking what would cause someone to act in unfavorable ways, allows some kind of understanding to come forth.

I learned, early on, that all situations are a co-creation. For every experience, the people involved have a lesson to learn or an opportunity to heal and grow. For some reason, we had to experience what we do or did. It could be that we were setting up the foundation of who we would or will become. Maybe it was setting up our career choice to benefit many. It could be that the sharing of our personal pain would be the blessing that kept another from harming themselves or others – knowing that they were not alone. It could be that, on some level, we were simply a catalyst to create a healing on a grander scale.

Once I had an understanding of why someone would act in an inappropriate way, I was able to move into compassion. With compassion, I found it easier to forgive. The more I practiced the process of understanding, compassion and forgiveness, the easier forgiveness became. The more I could forgive; the more compassion filled my heart. The more compassion that filled my heart; the greater the understanding I gained of my own actions and of others.

I found immense personal freedom, when I could truly forgive myself and others in our co-created experience. And I certainly was most grateful when someone forgave me when it was I who mis-stepped.

As far as forgetting, I have not forgotten. These experiences happened. I co-created them. They encompass much of my childhood and early teens. They were part of the foundation that made me who I am today. Through forgiveness of myself and others, those experiences stopped ruling my life and my reactions.

My experiences became amazing blessings for me, which I now use as tools to assist myself and others in healing. I learned how to be strong through my faith and in the wisdom that I gained because of my experiences. My senses were heightened in many ways. I can now sense an individual’s abuse by the look in their eyes and the energy that they carry. My foresight increased, allowing me to see scenarios before they happened. On many occasions, I have been able to stop undesirable events from taking place. My blessings became blessings for others.

I live my life focusing on the blessings and joy that has graced my life. I still have emotional issues that pop up. When they do, I choose to move through them quickly and not wallow in them. I apply the process of asking for understanding, moving into compassion and forgiving as IF I had forgotten.

Since the first of the year, our emotional discordance has been coming up to healed! The easiest and most powerful way to move through the discordance is with forgiveness of self and others.

One of the main keys to enlightenment and ascension is healing your childhood and emotional wounds. These wounds keep us in turmoil. They are the anchors that weigh us down and lock us in the third dimension. No matter what your circumstances, the more you address your childhood and emotional wounds, the easier your journey through life will be. Forgive yourself and others as IF you have forgotten.

Please remember, in these times, it is our choice on how long we choose to hang on to our issues and emotional wounds. It is also our choice on how quickly and gently we choose to heal and how much integrity we apply during the process.

May you allow swiftness and ease to grace your forgiveness. May your forgiveness of self and others increase your personal freedom and joy!

Blessed Be!


With Divine Gratitude and Humbleness,

Gayle Mack

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

I would like to thank everyone who has supported the evolvement of and the “Gayle Live” Show. We are touching many souls with the messages from Divine. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! For your support!