Whew! I don’t know about you, but emotions that I thought I was clear on have been popping up since 12-12-12. I cannot tell you how many times I created a situation that gave me an opportunity to voice my boundaries or address my fears. I thought that I had moved through those issues. Obviously, I still had threads to forgive.

In the previous cycle, the mental mind and the ego had the lead for all of us in our lives. I, for one, can now see where I allowed myself to get off kilter. I became aware of what was required for me to heal in order to move forward with Grace and Ease. It has been a bit challenging at times, but very rewarding on many levels.

In this new cycle, we are becoming more balanced with issues of the heart. As the Divine Feminine is activated within us, emotions, feelings and thought processes that we have suppressed or ignored have begun to surface.

Getting out of our “minds” and back into our “hearts” will allow us to heal our emotional wounds with greater ease than before. The “clearer” we are, the easier our transition will be.

The only thing that is keeping us from realizing our own Divinity is the emotions that we have yet to heal. Fortunately for us, we were given Grace. Grace helps move those stubborn emotional wounds and deep embedded thought processes.

I am so grateful that the Divine Feminine is weaving Her Grace throughout our lives. This Divine Love consciousness is allowing us co-created opportunities to use our minds through our hearts, instead of in absence of it.

I have had the opportunity to revisit my emotional issues in the last four months. They have shown me where I require a bit more self love, self forgiveness and forgiveness of others. If you are experiencing some of the same, here is a prayer technique that I have been using to “self empower” my way to Divine Balance.

A while back, a dear friend shared this healing prayer called Ho‘oponopono that really has been beneficial for me, especially in these times! The beautiful part about this prayer is that it is EASY! I like easy!

I just state the intention that I wish to address at the time. I feel the thought, memory and emotion in my heart. I call in Divine Love. Do this however it feels appropriate for you. For me, I visualize an iridescent mother of pearl light coming down into my head, then out through my feet into the Earth and then back up again to connect with Divine Source. I swirl the Light in my heart chakra and watch it infuse into my emotion or thought. Again, do what feels comfortable for you.

Then I simply say, “I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me; I Love You! Thank You!” It is amazing how quickly my energy shifts.

I hold the intent that when I say “I AM Sorry,” it encompasses me apologizing to myself for what I said or did not say; what I did or did not do. Me apologizing to others for what I said or did not say; what I did or did not do. And others’ apologizing to me for what they said or did not say; what they did or did not do.

Same with Please Forgive Me; I Love You! and Thank You! The intent is held that any disharmonic emotion, feeling or thought process; anything less than Divine Love that you clear in your own consciousness is beneficial for the whole of humanity. It is so simple and it works.

A little tidbit, if you place someone else in your prayer with you, ask that it be for the greatest good of all concerned. That way, you still hold the energy of empowering and not creating power over someone – even if it is a prayer.

I like to add “It is done!” when I am finished. The Divine Mother / Divine Source always end my channelings and healings for others with “It is Done!” or “And So It Is!” This I believe indicates that my work is done and God’s is just begun. I hand it up to Source.

When you can reach true forgiveness of yourself and others, your life becomes more joyous and magical! So now, as you move through this multidimensional, new cycle and your “stuff” comes up, you have a gift to help ease the process. It is Grace!


With Divine Love and Gratitude,

Gayle Mack

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